What language do they speak in mangareva?

What language do they speak in mangareva?

Mangareva (Te Reo Magareva) Mangareva is a Polynesian language spoken in the islands of Gambier and Mangareva of French Polynesia. According to the 2011 census, there are about 600 speakers of Mangareva. It is closely related to Tahitian, Rarotongan, Tuamotuan and Marquesan.

Where is mangareva located?

French Polynesia
Mangareva is the central and largest island of the Gambier Islands in French Polynesia. It is surrounded by smaller islands: Taravai in the southwest, Aukena and Akamaru in the southeast, and islands in the north.

How do I get to mangareva?

Mangareva airport (Gambier) Rikitea airport, on the island of Mangareva, in the Gambier Islands, is located on Motu Totegegie, some distance from the main island. The local council operates a shuttle service to the main island. The fare is payable when boarding the boat. The crossing takes approximately 45 minutes.

Where is marquesan spoken?

Marquesan language

Native to French Polynesia
Region Marquesas Islands, Tahiti
Native speakers 8,700 (2007 census)
Language family Austronesian Malayo-Polynesian Oceanic Polynesian Eastern Polynesian Marquesic Marquesan

How do you pronounce mangareva?


  1. Mang·​a·​re·​van | \ ¦mäŋ(g)ə¦rāvən \
  2. \ ” \
  3. plural Mangarevans.

Who lives on Pitcairn island?

50 people
Most of the people today are descended from the HMS Bounty mutineers of English, Cornish, Manx and Scottish descent, plus their Tahitian companions, including the few who settled afterwards. As of 2018, there are a total of 50 people inhabiting the island.

How do I get to Pitcairn island?

The best and most reliable way to get to Pitcairn Island is to fly to Mangareva via Tahiti. Air Tahiti offers the only domestic flights to Mangareva. Air Tahiti flights occur once a week (every Tuesday). You then catch the airport taxi ferry to Rikitea village on Mangareva (in the Gambier Islands).

How do I get to Pitcairn Island?

What is the population of the island of Mangareva?

Mangareva has a permanent population of 1,239 (2012) and the largest village on the island, Rikitea, is the chief town of the Gambier Islands. 15⁄16 sq mi), it comprises about 56% of the land area of the whole Gambier group. Mangareva has a high central ridge which runs the length of the island.

What is Mangareva like?

The mountains of Mangareva rise over the surrounding islands and the luminous lagoon like a great cathedral. Although once the center for Catholicism in French Polynesia, the people of Mangareva have returned to a more traditional Polynesian lifestyle.

Who are the Mangarevan people?

Loud, smart and resourceful, the Mangarevan are characterized by a tremendous will to survive in the midst of this vast ocean around them forever. Today, they remained human beings to the robust physical constitution, often vegetarian, enjoying excellent health.

Is Mangareva a Polynesian language?

Mangareva language. Mangareva (or Mangarevan) is a Polynesian language spoken in the Gambier Islands of French Polynesia by about 600 people on the islands of Gambier and Mangareva. Speakers also have some bilingualism in Tahitian, in which there is a 60% lexical similarity, and usually with French, as well.