What language family is Ainu in?

What language family is Ainu in?

Ainu (アイヌ・イタㇰ Ainu-itak) or more precisely Hokkaido Ainu, is a language spoken by a few elderly members of the Ainu people on the northern Japanese island of Hokkaido….Ainu language.

Hokkaido Ainu
Native speakers 5+ (2018)
Language family Ainu Hokkaido Ainu
Writing system Katakana (current) Latin (current)
Language codes

What languages do the Ainu speak?

There are three main dialects of the Ainu language; Hokkaido-dialect, Sakhalin-dialect, and Kurile-dialect. There are big differences between the Hokkaido-dialect and the other two dialects.

How do you say hello in Ainu language?

Hello. Irankarapte. (イランカラㇷ゚テ。) He. (ヘ。)

What does Ainu mean in English?

Definition of Ainu 1 : a member of an indigenous people of the Japanese archipelago, the Kuril Islands, and part of Sakhalin Island. 2 : the language of the Ainu people.

Are Japanese and Ainu related languages?

Sakhalin Ainu and Kuril Ainu are now extinct. Toponymic evidence suggests Ainu was once spoken in northern Honshu. No genealogical relationship between Ainu and any other language family has been demonstrated, despite numerous attempts….Ainu languages.

ELP Ainu (Japan)
Map of pre-1945 distribution of Ainu languages and dialects

Is Ainu language extinct?

The Ainu language is “critically endangered,” meaning the “youngest speakers are grandparents and older, and they speak the language partially and infrequently.” Some sources claim there may be fewer than ten Ainu speakers today. The Ainu traditionally practiced animism and had no written language.

Is Ainu a dead language?

How do you say cat in Ainu?

ainu. Neko, “cat.”

How do you say bear in Ainu?

IN THE AINU LANGUAGE the bear is called kamui, which means a god.

What does kamui mean in Japanese?

A kamuy (Ainu: カムィ; Japanese: カムイ, romanized: kamui) is a spiritual or divine being in Ainu mythology, a term denoting a supernatural entity composed of or possessing spiritual energy. The Ainu people have many myths about the kamuy, passed down through oral traditions and rituals.

What language is similar to Ainu?

From a perspective more centered on Ainu, James Patrie (1982) adopted the same grouping, namely Ainu–Korean–Japanese and Turkic–Mongolic–Tungusic, with these two families linked in a common family, as in Street’s “North Asiatic”. Joseph Greenberg (2000–2002) likewise classified Ainu with Korean and Japanese.

Do the Ainu still exist?

The Ainu people are historically residents of parts of Hokkaido (the Northern island of Japan) the Kuril Islands, and Sakhalin. According to the government, there are currently 25,000 Ainu living in Japan, but other sources claim there are up to 200,000.