What number bus goes to Ipswich Hospital?

What number bus goes to Ipswich Hospital?

Routes 63, 64, 65, 66, 66a, 75, 77, 800, 900 and 978 run through the Park and Ride bus stop on the Woodbridge Road entrance to the hospital.

How far is Ipswich train station from hospital?

The distance between Ipswich (Station) and Ipswich Hospital is 2 miles.

Can you pay by card on Ipswich Buses?

Ipswich Buses offer contactless payments so you can pay for your travel using your contactless bank card, phone & Apple Watch. With contactless payments you are now able to buy your single, return, day rover and Family ticket using your bankcard, phone & Apple watch. No need to register online.

Can you pay with cash on Ipswich Buses?

Yes, you can still use cash on the bus. We do ask that you use the exact fare as no cash refunds or credit vouchers will be issued.

Can you take a dog on Ipswich Buses?

Animals 15.2 Only one dog is permitted on either the lower or upper deck of a bus at any one time, except for the purpose of boarding or alighting the bus, and must not be allowed to sit on the seats at any time.

How old do you have to be to get a bus pass in Ipswich?

You get an older person’s bus pass when you’re 60. Apply if you’re in: Scotland.

Can I use my bus pass on Ipswich park and ride?

Yes. You can use any valid PlusBus ticket on park and ride services.

How much is park and ride in Ipswich?

It’s easy and great value to park & ride…

all day Ipswich Zone
Adult £3.50 £5.30
Young Person (5 – 19) £2.50 £4
High5 Group* £7 £10
Concession Pass Holders £2 valid on all Ipswich Reds buses in the Ipswich Zone

Is Ipswich park and ride free?

There are 600 parking spaces, and parking is free (when using the Park & Ride service). Dedicated Park and Ride buses to the town centre run every 12 minutes starting 0705. The Park and Ride site is located near the Whitehouse Interchange of the A14/A1156.

How do I get to Ipswich Hospital by bus?

Additional Information: Ipswich Hospital courtesy bus offers a free bus service from Limestone Street Car Park (off Quarry Street) via East Street to the main entrance of Ipswich Hospital. The bus operates from 9.00am to 5.00pm Monday – Friday.

Where is Ipswich Hospital located?

Ipswich Hospital is the major public health care facility in the West Moreton region, located 40km west of Brisbane. Ipswich Hospital provides clinical education and training to undergraduate and postgraduate students. An expansion was completed in 2014 to meet the needs of the growing population in the West Moreton region.

What community transport services are available in Ipswich?

Community transport services include: Ipswich Hospital provides a free “Park & Ride” shuttle service for staff, patients and visitors to the hospital. The shuttle service operates Monday to Friday excluding public holidays.

What is the city of Ipswich IGO?

Ipswich City Council developed the City of Ipswich Transport Plan (iGO) to outline its goals to advance Ipswich’s transport system and guide future policy. The plan defines active transport as “an efficient, cost effective, healthy, sustainable and accessible form of transport which has many benefits for both the individual and the community”.