What number is Zwei?

What number is Zwei?

German Numbers from 1-100

1 Eins 11 Elf 81 Einundachtzig
2 Zwei 12 Zwölf 82 Zweiundachtzig
3 Drei 13 Dreizehn 83 Dreiundachtzig
4 Vier 14 Vierzehn 84 Vierundachtzig
5 Fünf 15 Fünfzehn 85 Fünfundachtzig

How do you write 1st 2nd 3rd in German?

erste (êrs-te) (first) dritte (dri-te) (third) siebte (zeep-te) (seventh) achte (âHt-e) (eighth)

What is Ein and Zwei?

“Eins, zwei, Polizei” (One, Two, Police)

Deutsch English Translation
Eins, zwei, Polizei drei, vier, Offizier fünf, sechs, alte Hex’ sieben, acht, gute Nacht! neun, zehn, auf Wiedersehen! One, two, police three, four, officer five, six, old witch seven, eight, good night! nine, ten, good-bye!

What does Eins zwei drei G suffa mean?

one, two, three, drink!
Eins, Zwei, Drei, G’suffa! This means, ‘one, two, three, drink! ‘ and is one of the most common German drinking phrases to hear as a way to get everyone to drink up. You’ll also hear eins, zwei, drei to signal the start of an Oktoberfest event, such as the Bratwurst eating contest.

What is the value of 1 million in rupees?

Million is the term used to describe large amounts of money in the International currency system (like counties of US). However, the value of 1 million can be expressed as: 1 Million = 1000000 rupees. 1 Million = 10 lakhs. 1 Million = 0.1 crore. 1 Million In Crore

What is 1 million in lakhs?

1 million means one thousand thousand. One million is the word used to describe large numbers of currency and it equals ten lakhs in Indian currency. Learn more about millions at BYJUS along with the conversions.

What is the number that comes after a million?

One million (i.e., 1,000,000) one thousand thousand. This is the natural number (or counting number) followed by 999,999 and preceded by 1,000,001. The word “million” is derived from the early Italian million (milione in modern Italian), from mille, “thousand”, plus the augmentative suffix -one.

What would your net worth be if you got one million dollars?

Our net worth is currently around 125’000. So we would multiply our net worth by nine if we got given one million dollars. Moreover, half our net worth is currently locked in different retirement accounts. So that means our available net worth would be multiplied by 18 if we were to receive that one million dollars.