What real rappers are in 8 Mile?

What real rappers are in 8 Mile?

It stars Eminem in his film debut, alongside Mekhi Phifer, Brittany Murphy, Michael Shannon, Anthony Mackie, and Kim Basinger. The film, which contains autobiographical elements from Eminem’s life, follows white rapper Jimmy Smith Jr….8 Mile (film)

8 Mile.
Box office $242.9 million

Is 8 Mile based off Eminem life?

8 Mile is a film loosely based on the Eminem’s life, depicting what it’s like to be an aspiring artist on the streets of Detroit. We’ve got some behind-the-scenes facts about the rap movie and its accuracy in relation to Marshall Mather’s real life.

How old was Eminem during 8 Mile?

Eminem, 48, made his acting debut in 8 Mile as Jimmy “B-Rabbit” Smith Jr., a fictionalized version of himself. The song “Lose Yourself” from its soundtrack won the Oscar for Best Original Song. Over the years, Eminem has remained one of the most popular rappers in the music industry.

Who is the main antagonist in 8 Mile?

Papa Doc
Papa Doc is the main antagonist of the 2002 semi-biographical drama film 8 Mile. He was the head of a gang of rookie rappers called “Free World”, whom are the local rivals of Jimmy “B-Rabbit” Smith and his friends.

What famous rapper is from 8 Mile?

What famous rapper is from 8 Mile? Born in 1972 in Saint Joseph, Missouri, Marshall Bruce Mathers, III, more commonly known as his rapping alias Eminem, spent most of his early life in the Detroit, Michigan area known as 8 Mile, which separates Wayne County and more affluent counties to the north.

Is 8 Mile a true story?

However, by the time Eminem popped up to unleash his Oscar-winning “Lose Yourself” anthem from 2002’s 8 Mile with help from Anderson .Paak on drums, the tone shifted to something harder.

What are the best songs in 8 Mile?

Eminem as James (Jimmy) “B-Rabbit” Smith,Jr.

  • Kim Basinger as Stephanie Smith
  • Mekhi Phifer as David “Future” Porter
  • Brittany Murphy as Alex Latorno
  • Chloe Greenfield as Lily Smith
  • Michael Shannon as Greg Buehl
  • De’Angelo Wilson as DJ IZ
  • Evan Jones as “Cheddar Bob”
  • Omar Benson Miller as “Sol George”
  • Eugene Byrd as “Wink”
  • What was Eminem real name in 8 Mile?

    Why Is Eminem’s Name Jimmy In 8 Mile? The way Marshall Mathers got his rap moniker is rather simple, his initials M.M., or, Eminem. In 8 Mile you find out that Em’s character Jimmy got his stage name from a childhood nickname. His mom started calling him “Bunny Rabbit,” because he had big ears and buck teeth as a kid and the name stuck around.