What should I do on school day 1?

What should I do on school day 1?

10 Tips for the First Day of School

  • Greet every student warmly.
  • Use a seating chart, at least for the first week or so.
  • Save the rules for the second day.
  • Don’t be afraid to share something about yourself.
  • Post the daily schedule as prominently as possible.
  • Explain the space.
  • Find a good ice-breaking activity.

How do I make my child’s first day of school special?

Put a special treat in your child’s lunchbox (like a cookie). Decorate the breakfast table with balloons. Bake a special cupcake and serve it for breakfast. Take a photo in the same place every year starting with the first day of Kindergarten.

What teachers do on first day of school?

The First Day of School MUSTS

  • 1.) Greet Your Students.
  • 2.) Have Work for Them Right Away (and All Day!).
  • 3.) Introductions.
  • 4.) Build Community.
  • 5.) Teach Procedures.
  • 6.) Enforce Rules.
  • 7.) Question and Answer Time.
  • 8.) Read.

How do you make kids go to school without crying?

  1. When your child cries at school drop off.
  2. Discuss your child’s emotions at home.
  3. Talk about school in a positive way.
  4. Give your child a special item.
  5. Arrive earlier than the other kids.
  6. Guide your child to her first activity.
  7. Don’t leave without saying goodbye.
  8. Keep goodbyes pleasant and brief.

How do you introduce the first day of school?

How to Introduce Yourself to Your Class on the First Day of…

  1. Appearance. Dress professionally and make sure you follow any published dress codes applying to students and staff.
  2. Name Details.
  3. Personal Interests and Hobbies.
  4. Explain Classroom Rules.
  5. Be Courteous and Positive.
  6. Invite Questions and Responses.