What size are shock absorber nuts?

What size are shock absorber nuts?

You need a 3/8″ UNF nut. UNF stands for UNified Fine Thread. The nominal diameter of the thread is 3/8″.

What size are rear shock bolts?

Yes, they are a 12MM X 1.5 pitch bolt, nut and washer combo.

How tight should front shock bolts be?

The fasteners should be tightened until the bushing expands (bulges) to the same outside diameter of the metal washer. (see below) This allows for the proper amount of bushing squeeze so that the shock absorber can move properly in any direction.

What is the torque spec for shock bolts?

Registered. according to the 2019 manual, the shock bolt torque is 63-70 ft/lbs.

Can you over tighten a shock?

In case of a damping force adjustable shock absorber: too much torque can cause distortion of the piston rod here, damaging the damping force adjusting mechanism inside it.

When should I replace shocks on my Jeep Wrangler?

Replacing the shocks after the first 30,000 miles is usually recommended. Buying a quality aftermarket replacement can optimize the performance of the Wrangler’s suspension and in most cases offer you a lifetime warranty on the shocks except for labor to install them.

Can you over tighten shock absorbers?

By over tightening the shock absorber on the mount, this will excessively squash the bush reducing the amount of flexibility or articulation in the bush. This will lead to premature wear of the bush and possibly breaking the shock absorber eye or stud. Alternately the mounting bracket on the vehicle could also break.

How long do Jeep JK shocks last?

There is not a shock out there (other than a rebuildable unit) that is designed to last 100k miles. Whether you think it still rides well or not, the shock is not performing optimally at 100k miles. Also keep in mind that shocks play a large role in the way your tires wear.

What size bolts and nuts do I need for my Jeep?

This chart, lists out most of the common bolts and nuts you will encounter while working on your Jeep as well as the torque settings required for each of them. 13mm.

What is the size of a Dana torque fill bolt?

Part Socket/Wrench Size Torque Dana 30 Differential Fill Bolt 3/8″ Drive Ratchet 25 ft. lbs. Steering Stabilizer Axle Bolt & Nut 15mm/18mm 55 ft. lbs. Stock Castellated Nut 19mm 35 ft. lbs. Tie Rod End Clamps 13mm. 20 ft. lbs.

What size are the bolts on a trackbar?

Part Socket/Wrench Size Torque Track Bar Frame Castellated Bolt 19mm 65 ft. lbs. Trackbar Axle Mount Bolt 15mm 55 ft. lbs. Sway Bar Links-Bottom Bolts T-55 Torx 18mm 70 ft. lbs. Sway Bar Links-Upper Nuts 17mm 45 ft. lbs.