What TSF means?

What TSF means?

“That’s So Funny” is the most common definition for TSF on Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok. TSF. Definition: That’s So Funny.

What does tsp mean in medicine?

For several decades the term “tropical spastic paraparesis” (TSP) has been used to describe a chronic and progressive disease of the nervous system that affects adults living in equatorial areas of the world and causes progressive weakness, stiff muscles, muscle spasms, sensory disturbance, and sphincter dysfunction.

What does TFS mean in finance?

In that vein, Toyota Financial Services (TFS) is a service mark and an umbrella brand used in the U.S. to market the auto financing and leasing products of Toyota Motor Credit Corporation (TMCC) and the insurance products of Toyota Motor Insurance Services (TMIS).

What does TSF mean in a call center?

telephone service factor
Certain goals are defined and the service level gives the percentage to which those goals should be achieved.” In a contact center, an important measure of the service level is defined by the telephone service factor (TSF).

What does tsp mean in nursing?

Tropical Spastic Paraparesis. About TSP medical condition | Patient.

What does 2 TDS mean on a prescription?

twice a day / twice daily / 2 times daily. BMI. body mass index. BNO. bowels not open.

What is TFS in AML?

Targeted Financial Sanctions (TFS) means the freezing and prohibition obligations in relation to the assets of the designated or proscribed (natural or legal) persons, persons associated with or acting on behalf of or at the direction of the designated or proscribed persons (natural or legal) under the United Nations ( …

How is TSF calculated?

TSF measures the service that your agents are providing to callers. You calculate this service level by determining the percentage of calls handled within a defined timeframe. For example, if eight out of ten calls are handled within 30 seconds, then the TSF is 80%.

What does TSF stand for?

Eutelsat Communications (Paris:ETL), a global satellite operator, announced on Tuesday the renewal of its partnership agreement with Telecoms Sans Frontieres ( TSF ), a unique NGO specialising in emergency telecommunications, which was initiated in 2007.

What is TSF and how is it made?

TSF is ideal for batching to weigh hoppers; low loss-in-weight scale-monitored flow; low loss-of-weight batch applications with scales; drum and pail packout lines; and recipe-type batching by multiple computer-controlled units. TSF is composed of 7 natural herbs: 35.3% astragalus root (Astragalus membranaceus (Fisch.)

What is the then SMARTFlow TSF?

The THEN Smartflow TSF is designed to achieve the lowest possible energy and water consumption rates available on the market for jet dyeing, with achievable liquor ratios for a full load up to 300kg with a reduced kier volume and a liquor ratio down to 1: 3.5 for cotton and 1: 2.5 for synthetics.

Why is canon at TSF 2019?

As a global, innovation-led organisation, Canon’s participation at TSF is a declaration of support and empowerment to youth in the UAE to nurture their interest to innovate in science and other technology fields,” said Mai Youssef, Corporate Communications & Marketing Services Director.