What was Sir Charles Kingsford Smith known for?

What was Sir Charles Kingsford Smith known for?

Charles ‘Smithy’ Kingsford Smith was renowned as Australia’s boldest pilot, pioneering routes that include the first trans-Australian, trans-Tasman and trans-Pacific flights. As well as completing other record flights, he helped usher commercial aviation into Australia.

What happened to Kingsford Smith?

Smithy was the first to fly across Australia, the Pacific and the Tasman. But on November 8, 1935, he and Pethybridge, in the Lady Southern Cross, vanished off the Bay of Bengal. They were never found. In honour of his death, here are 11 things you may not have known about Australia’s flying legend.

Where did Sir Charles Kingsford Smith fly?

Sir Charles Edward Kingsford Smith, (born February 9, 1897, Hamilton, Queensland, Australia—died November 8?, 1935, at sea en route to Australia), Australian pilot who, with a three-man crew, flew the Atlantic from Portmarnock, Ireland, to Harbour Grace, Newfoundland, June 24–25, 1930.

What did Charles Kingston do?

He was jailed for the gunshot wounding of a cabdriver in June 1884 and killed himself after losing an important case in Port Augusta. Kingston had a passion for Australian rules football in South Australia and helped formulate its code and was President of the South Australian Football Club.

Where did Charles Kingsford Smith live?

BrisbaneCharles Kingsford Smith / Places lived

Is Ross Smith related to Kingsford Smith?

CHARLES Kingsford Smith is, rightfully, remembered as a legend in the history of Australian aviation. But over the decades, Smith’s fame has overshadowed the daring efforts of another pioneering aviation family with the Smith name, South Australian brothers Ross and Keith.

When did Charles Kingsford Smith first discover his love for flying Aeroplanes?

In 1928, Kingsford Smith and Charles Ulm arrived in the United States and began to search for an aircraft. Famed Australian polar explorer Sir Hubert Wilkins sold them a Fokker F. VII/3m monoplane, which they named the Southern Cross.

What did Andrew Inglis Clark do?

Clark was a Tasmanian delegate to the Australasian Federation Conference in 1890, and the National Australasian Convention in 1891. For the latter, he prepared the draft of a federal constitution. This formed the principal basis for the draft constitution eventually recommended by the 1891 convention.

Who did Charles Kingston marry?

Charles Kingston

The Right Honourable Charles Kingston
Died 11 May 1908 (aged 57) Adelaide, South Australia
Political party Liberal Protectionist
Spouse(s) Lucy May McCarthy
Parent(s) George Strickland Kingston and Ludovina Catherina De Silva Kingston (née Cameron)

Who was Charles Kingsford Smith?

Sir Charles Kingsford Smith (1897-1935) was the Australian pilot who made the first flight across the Pacific from the United States to Australia and the first flight the reverse way.

Is it Kingsford Smith or smithy?

It should be written as Kingsford Smith, not Smith. Sir Charles Edward Kingsford Smith, MC, AFC (9 February 1897 – 8 November 1935), often called by his nickname Smithy, was an early Australian aviator. In 1928, he made the first transpacific flight from the United States to Australia.

What is the ISSN for Kingsford Smith?

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When did Sir Charles Kingsford-Smith fly in Australia?

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