What was the population of Chicago in 2000?

What was the population of Chicago in 2000?

The population increased slightly from 1990 to 2,896,016 in 2000, fell slightly to 2,695,598 in 2010, and increased to 2,716,462 in 2017. From 1950 (population of 3,620,962) to 2017 (population of 2,716,462), Chicago population has decreased 904,500 or 25.0 percent.

What was Chicago’s population in 1920?

2.7 million
The U.S. Census Bureau reported Tuesday that during the decade ended in 2010, Chicago’s population fell 6.9% to 2,695,598 people, fewer than the 2.7 million reported back in 1920.

What was the population of Chicago in 1830?

The commissioners employed James Thompson to survey and plat the town of Chicago, which at the time had a population of less than 100. Historians regard the August 4, 1830 filing of the plat as the official recognition of a location known as Chicago.

What was the population of Chicago in 1918?

1 From its start as a marshy portage for Native American and French trappers and traders, Chicago grew to a bustling metropolis of 2.7 million by the time influenza arrived on September 8, 1918, when a few sailors at the nearby Great Lakes Naval Training Station fell ill with the disease.

What was the population of Chicago in 1900?

Population of the 20 Largest U.S. Cities, 1900? 2012

Rank Place Population
1. New York, N.Y. 3,437,202
2. Chicago, Ill. 1,698,575
3. Philadelphia, Pa. 1,293,697

What was the population of the United States in 1800?

The United States census of 1800 was the second census conducted in the United States. It was conducted on August 4, 1800. It showed that 5,308,483 people were living in the United States, of whom 893,602 were enslaved. The 1800 census included the new District of Columbia.

How has Chicago’s population changed since 2000?

Chicago has shrunk 6.9% since the year 2000. Chicago, Illinois’s growth is extremely below average. 92% of similarly sized cities are growing faster since 2000. Is Chicago the biggest city in Illinois?

What was the population of Chicago in 1950?

The peak population of Chicago was in 1950, when its population was 3,620,962. In 1950, Chicago was the 2nd largest city in the US; now its fallen to the 3rd largest city in the US. Chicago is currently 25.6% smaller than it was in 1950. How quickly is Chicago shrinking?

When was the first census in the United States?

The census began on Monday, August 4, 1800, and was finished within 9 months, under the rules and directions established in an Act of Congress approved February 28, 1800 ( “An Act providing for the second Census or enumeration of the Inhabitants of the United States,” 2 Statutes at Large 11 ). Who was counted?