What year was the Dodge Polara?

What year was the Dodge Polara?

The Polara was introduced for Dodge’s 1960 model year as a full-size car. The company named the car with a direct reference to the star, “Polaris”, in an attempt to fascinate the general public who were already excited about the Space Race in the early 1960s.

Did Chrysler ever make a muscle car?

For 2005, Chrysler introduced muscle car heritage to high-performance V8-powered versions of four-door sedans, the Dodge Charger and Chrysler 300C, using nameplates traditionally used for two-door muscle cars.

What mopars are a body?

The key difference between the Chrysler A and B platforms was size. The A-body was introduced in 1960 in the form of the Plymouth Valiant and served as the Chrysler’s first entry into the compact car market emerging in the United States in the late 1950s. Wheelbase lengths ranged from 106 to 111 inches.

What kind of car is a Dodge Polara?

Other models in the production line were the Dodge Valiant, Polara GT, and the Polara diesel, all 4-door sedans. The Dodge Polara line of cars was designed exclusively for the Argentinian market.

What year did the Chrysler Polara come out?

The 1960 Polara and other full-sized Dodges featured styling cues carried over from 1959 models, itself an evolution of Virgil Exner ‘s ” Forward Look ” cars introduced in 1957. The 1960 model year also marked the first year that all Chrysler models, except for the Imperial, used unibody construction.

When did the Dodge 3700 Polara come out?

There was also a version of this model, built from 1971 to 1978 exported to Spain as a CKD in cooperation with the Barreiros company known as the Dodge 3700. In Brazil, the Polara nameplate was revived in 1977 for a version of the Chrysler Avenger.

When did the Dodge Polara 500 Hardtop come out?

In 1963, a lower specification version was offered, the Dodge 880. Among the B-Bodied 1962 Dodges was a bucket-seated sporty model called the Polara 500. It was available as a two-door hardtop and a convertible, and a four-door hardtop was added in December.