When did Hurricane Mitch hit Guatemala?

When did Hurricane Mitch hit Guatemala?

Due to the slow motion from October 29 to November 3, Hurricane Mitch dropped historic amounts of rainfall in Honduras, Guatemala, and Nicaragua, with unofficial reports of up to 75 inches (1,900 mm).

What happened Hurricane Mitch?

Hurricane Mitch struck Central America in late October 1998, leaving more than 11,000 people dead, destroying hundreds of thousands of homes and causing more than $5 billion in damages. It was the deadliest hurricane to hit the Western Hemisphere in more than 200 years.

Which countries did Hurricane Mitch hit?

Hurricane Mitch, hurricane (tropical cyclone) that devastated Central America, particularly Honduras and Nicaragua, in late October 1998. Hurricane Mitch was recognized as the second deadliest Atlantic hurricane on record, after the Great Hurricane of 1780.

How many people did Hurricane Mitch killed in Honduras?

about 7,000 people
Overall, Hurricane Mitch killed about 7,000 people in Honduras, with 11,000 missing in the months after the storm. There were 8,000 people listed as missing about ten days after Mitch struck, although problems with record-keeping made it difficult to determine the exact total.

Did Hurricane Mitch hit El Salvador?

1999 – Hurricane Mitch, which struck central America in late October and early November 1998, hit hardest at the poorest peoples, including indigenous groups. The hurricane killed an estimated 9,000 people in Honduras, Nicaragua, Guatemala and El Salvador, and affected around 2. 5 million people in all.

How long did Hurricane Mitch last?

October 22, 1998 – November 9, 1998Hurricane Mitch / Date

How much did Hurricane Mitch cost?

2007 Schools Wikipedia Selection. Related subjects: Storms

Category 5 hurricane ( SSHS)
Damage $5+ billion (1998 USD) $6–7 billion (2005 USD)
Fatalities 11,000–18,000 direct (deadliest Atlantic hurricane since 1780 hurricane)
Areas affected Central America (particularly Honduras and Nicaragua), Yucatán Peninsula, South Florida

What was done to help during Hurricane Mitch?

In the immediate aftermath of the hurricane, President Clinton directed personnel and resources from the military and civilian agencies of the U.S. government to support relief and rehabilitation efforts in Central America. USAID has provided almost $92 million in food and other relief assistance.

How did Honduras recover from Hurricane Mitch?

A year after Mitch, seasonal rains killed 30 people and displaced thousands. The World Bank has helped Honduras develop a new National Emergency Strategy with large-scale flood diversion projects planned.

What was Hurricane Mitch wind speed?

177 mphHurricane Mitch / Highest wind speed