When was StarCraft 2 most popular?

When was StarCraft 2 most popular?

The celebratory streaming event hosted by Blizzard Entertainment also proved popular. According to our Game Streaming Tracker, March was the largest peak for StarCraft II in 2018. The game had 8.3 million hours watched on Twitch across the month, twice as much as in February.

Does life still play StarCraft?

Lee Seung-Hyun (Korean: 이승현) is a former professional StarCraft II player from South Korea who played Zerg under the alias Life. He was on the Korean team Afreeca Freecs, which he joined in January 2016. He has also played for StarTale and KT Rolster….Life (gamer)

Game StarCraft
Team history
2011–2012 ZeNEX
2012–2015 StarTale

What happened to Nestea wings of Liberty?

NesTea was quick to excel in StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty, getting to the top of the Korean ladder shortly after launch. He managed to qualify for the very first GSL, but his tournament run met a quick end when he got knocked out in the first round by eventual semifinalist LiveForever.

When did Nestea join im?

In late September 2010, NesTea, together with fellow former Brood War players Mvp, TT, ChRh, and LosirA (now KangHo), founded the team IM – “Incredible Miracle”. NesTea was destined for a much longer stay in GSL 2.

What happened to Nestea in the second season?

In the second season, NesTea suffered a major upset with losses to San and Ensnare in the Round of 32. Although he managed to secure victory against BoxeR, this 1-2 record ousted NesTea into the Up & Down matches. NesTea then easily retained his Code S position in the Up and Down Matches by defeating Leenock 2-0.

How did Nestea win tsl3?

NesTea was chosen as the ace player to face off against Squirtle, a player who had managed to eliminate Mvp immediately prior. This was the first and only game NesTea played during the entire team league; he was victorious, securing the 5-4 win for Incredible Miracle. After this tournament, NesTea was named as one of the five Zerg invites to TSL3.