When was Sunquest founded?

When was Sunquest founded?

Sunquest introduced the concept of the Five Rights of Laboratory Testing(tm) in 2008 to help establish the importance of the laboratory in healthcare….Sunquest Information Systems.

Type Subsidiary
Industry Health information technology
Founded 1979
Headquarters 3300 E Sunrise Drive, Tucson, AZ , United States
Parent Roper Technologies

What is Sunquest in healthcare?

Sunquest Laboratory™ is the core engine of your organization’s laboratory operations, with comprehensive laboratory workflows and functionality that help you provide service, information and value to support the healthcare community.

What is Sunquest experience?

Sunquest is the One Delivering Labs to New Heights With our wide-ranging technical and cross-discipline expertise, and equally deep business acumen, Sunquest can transform your lab to meet today’s complex healthcare challenges and deliver next-level performance.

What is Sunquest Atlas?

with Sunquest Atlas Our Sunquest Atlas™ solutions can support specialized workflows for anatomic pathology order entry with body mass diagrams, requisitions, labels and customized reporting — including the ability to combine clinical and AP reports.

What is CoPath?

CoPath is a pathology information system Cerner sells. It was developed in part at the U of Pittsburgh. It is often touted as a good solution. The editing is often done in MS-Word. This may be awkward and cumbersome.

What is epic beaker?

EPIC Beaker is a laboratory information system that is part of our hospital EPIC system. The laboratory has been developing EPIC Beaker in a partnership with the Information Technology Department. Having the laboratory system embedded into the hospital system will provide a complete patient record.

Who makes CoPath?

Cerner Corporation

Type Corporation
Industry Informatics software
Headquarters 2800 Rockcreek Parkway North Kansas City, Missouri, U.S.
Area served Worldwide
Products Products list[show][show] CoPathPlus PathNet

What is Sunquest CoPath?

Sunquest CoPathPlus™ is an integrated laboratory diagnostics solution aimed at satisfying the needs of even the most complex anatomic pathology (AP) lab operations.

Who uses Epic Beaker?

The fast-growing lab software market is projected to grow to 1.1 billion dollars by 2019, and Epic Beaker, Epic’s entry into the category, is gaining in popularity and use. Epic Beaker is Epic Systems’ laboratory information system (LIS) for hospitals, clinics, patient service centers and reference labs.

What does CoPath mean?

What is Sunquest Vue?

Sunquest VUE™ is an intuitive technology solution that advances comprehensive reporting and streamlines the diagnostic review process for anatomic pathologists.

How do I contact Sunquest Information Systems?

Sunquest Information Systems 3300 E Sunrise Dr. Tucson, AZ 85718 Main Number: +1 (520) 570-2000

When did Sunquest become a public company?

In June 1996, the company began publicly trading on NASDAQ as SUNQ and also acquired Antrim, a commercial laboratory and financial information system supplier. Sunquest itself was acquired in 2001 by UK-based public company Misys plc, and became the Hospital Systems Division of Misys Healthcare.

What does Sunquest do?

Sunquest Information Systems Inc. is a leading U.S. developer of medical laboratory and diagnostic information solutions, with a user base of more than 1,700 hospitals and commercial laboratories. It was founded in 1979.

What is included in the Sunquest suite?

The suite includes business solutions as well, to provide the laboratory and hospital management teams with actionable data ( KPIs) to manage laboratory performance, adjust staff schedules, and justify changes in the list of tests that are offered by the laboratory. The Sunquest portfolio includes Collection and Transfusion Manager.