Where are the valleys Wales?

Where are the valleys Wales?

Commonly referred to as “The Valleys” (Welsh: Y Cymoedd), they stretch from Carmarthenshire in the west to Monmouthshire in the east; to the edge of the pastoral country of the Vale of Glamorgan and the coastal plain near the cities of Swansea, Cardiff, and Newport.

What does Ponty mean in Welsh?

(Image: Getty/ MarkColeImaging) ‘Pont’ or ‘Bont’ means ‘Bridge’, which is usually followed by the name of the river that runs under the bridge (although not always).

Is the act on HAYU?

While The Act was a Hulu series and available only in the US it is now available to watch in the UK on Amazon Prime.

What does Ty Mawr mean?

Tŷ Mawr means “big house” in Welsh and may refer to the following historical houses in Wales: Tŷ Mawr, Castle Caereinion in Powys.

Is Aberystwyth a city?

Aberystwyth (Welsh: [abɛˈrəstʊɨθ] ( listen)) is a university town and community in Ceredigion, Wales. Located in the historic county of Cardiganshire, Aberystwyth means “the mouth of the Ystwyth”.

What has happened to Chidgey from the valleys?

Since his time on The Valleys, Chidgey has beefed up and grown a beard. The whole modelling thing might not have taken off quite as planned, but he’s back in the high vis vests and working as a self-proclaimed ‘master bricklayer’.

What happened to the valleys in 2012?

But most importantly of all, 2012 saw the the first ever episode of The Valleys broadcast on MTV. Never forget. What followed was three series of utter carnage and chaos as a total gang of 11 Welsh wannabees tried to make it big with their Valleywood Nights tour – but what the eff actually happened to ‘em all once the series was axed?

What’s going on with Chidgey from Love Island?

He’s also seriously into fitness and does a lot of promo for gym supplements by flashing his six pack. Most recently, Chidgey was victim to a hacking scandal which saw a string of leaked videos allegedly showing him errr… playing with himself in locations around the house.

Are Natalee and Anthony from the valleys still a thing?

But here’s the best news for any romantics out there – Natalee and fellow Valleys co-star Anthony are still very much a thing three years later. CUTE. The twins are most memorable for their seriously shocking behaviour throughout The Valleys, but these days they’re nowhere near as wild as that.