Where can I tailgate Boston College football?

Where can I tailgate Boston College football?

For the 2019 season there are tailgating privileges at McElroy, Comm Ave Garage/Roof, Beacon Street Garage/Roof, Upper Brighton, Hillside, Robsham/Cove, Campanella Way, Vanderslice, Shea Field, 2150 Comm Ave, Cushing, Walsh, Merkert, Plex.

How do you get a tailgating spot at Boston College?

To reserve your spot, purchase your season tickets and then make a donation to the Flynn Fund at or above the anticipated minimum for your preferred parking lot. $5,000+ Vanderslice, Shea Field, 2150 Comm.

Is tailgating allowed at college football games 2021?

But because of restrictions with the pandemic, tailgating was either limited or entirely not allowed at games. But the 2021 season looks like it is going to be different and fans will get to return to their tailgating festivities to enjoy a typical gameday experience.

Where do you park for BC football games?

Parking for the game is by athletics permit only on BC grounds. Offsite satellite parking is available in Brighton (20 Guest St. Brighton, MA, 02135), in Newton (885 Centre St, Newton 02459), and Chestnut Hill (300 Hammond Pond Parkway, Chestnut Hill 02467).

How do you tailgate at a football game?

Top 12 Football Tailgating Tips:

  1. Arrive Early – Most tailgaters arrive 3 to 4 hours before the game starts so as to enjoy tailgating at a leisurely pace and give themselves plenty of time for set up and cleanup.
  2. Get a Good Spot – Finding the ideal location can make your tailgate party a little more fun.

Is tailgating before a football game?

Tailgating before college and professional football games is an American tradition. Starting in late summer and continuing through early winter, temporary tent cities pop up in stadium parking lots across the country.

What happens at college tailgate?

Typically, tailgaters get to the stadium or arena about four hours before the start of the game or concert. Beverages, finger food, and anything grilled are common fare among most tailgating circles. While tailgating, people show their support for the band or team that they are there to see.