Where did Blue Balliett grow up?

Where did Blue Balliett grow up?

New York City
Having grown up in New York City and studied art history at Brown University, Blue Balliett has lived in Chicago for many years.

What inspired Blue Balliett?

Balliett spent five years writing Chasing Vermeer, and she drew much of her inspiration from her ten-year-long career teaching third graders, as well as from her own lifelong love of fine art.

What jobs did Blue Balliett have before writing?

Sometimes I think my books go back a long, long way. I graduated with an art history degree from Brown University. I then spent years writing poetry and making word mobiles (more playing with words!); I also waitressed, became a not-great grill cook, ran an art gallery, and researched old houses.

What is the plot of Chasing Vermeer?

Set in Hyde Park, Chicago near the University of Chicago, the novel follows two children, Calder Pillay and Petra Andalee. After a famous Johannes Vermeer painting, A Lady Writing, is stolen en route to the Art Institute of Chicago, Calder and Petra work together to try to recover it.

How did Blue Balliett get the name Blue?

She is best known for her award-winning novel for children, Chasing Vermeer. She was born Elizabeth Balliett, but her family started calling her Blue shortly after her birth.

Is Chasing Vermeer a series?

The Chasing Vermeer book series by Blue Balliett includes books Chasing Vermeer, The Wright 3, The Calder Game, and several more. See the complete Chasing Vermeer series book list in order, box sets or omnibus editions, and companion titles.

Where does the book Blue take place?

Based on the “Miracle of Hickory” Hospital in Hickory, North Carolina, Blue is at once a fascinating history of the 1944 polio epidemic and an inspiring coming of age tale for young and adult readers.

How does the book Chasing Vermeer end?

The book ends as the painting is restored to the museum, the crime against Vermeer described at the beginning of the book is rectified, and the main characters and those to whom they are close are safe.

Who is Frog in Chasing Vermeer?

6th Grade Chasing Vermeer Test Review (Hauser)

Walter Pillay Calder’s father
Yvette Pillay Calder’s mother
Frog missing boy
Zelda Segovia Tommy’s mother

How many books are in Chasing Vermeer?

4 books
There are 4 books in this series.

What books are in the Chasing Vermeer Series?

Chasing Vermeer2004
The Wright 32006
Chasing Vermeer series/Books

Who wrote the book Blue?

Joyce HostetterBlue / Author