Where do you think the Nike missile base was located?

Where do you think the Nike missile base was located?

Nike Missile Site HM-69
Nearest city Homestead, Florida
Coordinates 25.37361°N 80.68444°W
Architect U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
NRHP reference No. 04000758

Are Nike missiles nuclear?

The Nike Hercules, initially designated SAM-A-25 and later MIM-14, was a surface-to-air missile (SAM) used by U.S. and NATO armed forces for medium- and high-altitude long-range air defense. It was normally armed with the W31 nuclear warhead, but could also be fitted with a conventional warhead for export use.

What does Nike stand for in military?

Nike, named for the mythical Greek goddess of victory, was the name given to a program which ultimately produced the world’s first successful, widely-deployed, guided surface-to-air missile system.

Who built the Nike missiles?

the Douglas Aircraft Company
The first missile in the series was Nike Ajax, a two-stage, liquid-fueled missile 21 feet (6.4 metres) long built by the Douglas Aircraft Company.

Where are the Nike missile sites in Connecticut?

Nike Sites of Connecticut featuring images and stories of the Hartford and Bridgeport area Nike missile sites.

What happened to Nike’s air defense in Connecticut?

During June of that year, the East Windsor site and the Windsor Locks Tactical Site Support Facility Maintenance Shop, along with the Nike site in the Bridgeport region (Ansonia) were inactivated, marking the end of the Nike air defense in Connecticut.

What happened at the Ansonia site?

The Ansonia Site was designated (Bridgeport) BR-04. Missiles on the site were Nike Ajax and in 1958 Hercules. On July 11, 1956 the missile launcher elevators arrived and by August 17 IFC construction was in the advanced stage. However, the LCA work slowed due to rock ledge. At that time a 12′ fence surrounded the areas.

What was the purpose of the Nike missiles?

Nike Missile Site. Welcome to the Nike Missile Site, a Cold War museum in the heart of GGNRA. During the tense years of the Cold War, from 1953 to 1979, the United States Army built and operated close to 300 Nike missile sites in the United States. These sites were designed as the last line of defense against Soviet bombers.