Where is a good base in Puglia?

Where is a good base in Puglia?

15-day ‘Best of Puglia’ itinerary (including Matera) Suggested base: Martina Franca or Alberobello. 4 nights: Southern Puglia which includes the city of Lecce and the towns/beaches of Otranto, Gallipoli and Porto Cesareo. Suggested base: Lecce, Otranto and/or Gallipoli.

How big is Puglia Italy?

7,545 mi²Apulia / Area
It’s located in the south-eastern tip of Italy, covers over 7,469 sqm and has over 4 million inhabitants. It is bordered by the Adriatic sea on the east, by the Ionian sea on the southeast and by the Gulf of Taranto in the south.

Is Puglia expensive?

Is Puglia expensive? Puglia isn’t anymore expensive than the rest of Italy, but it’s definitely not cheap. You can expect to spend at least €100 (and probably more than that) per person, per night for accommodation, transportation, meals and activities while in Puglia.

What can you drink in Puglia?

What to drink in Apulia? 10 Most Popular Apulian Alcoholic Beverages

  • Wine Appellation. Moscato di Trani.
  • Herbal Liqueur. Liquore di alloro.
  • Wine Appellation. Castel del Monte Nero di Troia Riserva.
  • Wine Variety. Malvasia nera di Brindisi.
  • Wine Variety. Susumaniello.
  • Wine Appellation.
  • Wine Variety.
  • Wine Appellation.

How to plan a Puglia road trip?

One of our main tips for any style or length of Puglia road trip is to choose a few ‘home bases’ and make day trips from them to spots around Puglia, rather than moving to new accommodation each night of the trip. We found and booked most of ours on Airbnb.

How many days to stay in Puglia?

Note that our ten day Puglia itinerary took in more than just the popular eastern coast of Puglia (which includes Polignano a Mare, Ostuni, Alberobello and Otranto – see ‘day five’ onwards of our below itinerary for this section if you wish to only stay there).

What to see in Puglia?

This UNESCO World Heritage Site is one of the best things to see in Puglia. Castel del Monte is built atop a hill which is surrounded by the most stunning countryside. The drive towards the castle was among the most scenic ones of our entire Puglia road trip.

Is this Puglia itinerary too hectic?

This Puglia itinerary only includes places my sister and I have actually visited – and loved. There certainly are many more places to visit in Puglia, but this itinerary is already packed as it is and if you add more it may get too hectic! You could probably follow this same route in less time, if you don’t have two weeks.