Where is J Henry bourbon made?

Where is J Henry bourbon made?

South Central Wisconsin
All of our bourbons are made using Heirloom Red Corn, Heirloom Wheat, and Heirloom Rye, all grown on our farm in South Central Wisconsin, which has been in our family since 1946.

Is J Henry Bourbon gluten free?

Barley, wheat and rye grains are often featured in the mash composition alongside the liquor’s signature corn base, but even so, the FDA considers straight bourbon as a gluten-free product that is safe for those with Celiac Disease or for individuals who suffer from other forms of gluten intolerance.

What whiskey is made in Wisconsin?

Kinnickinnic Whiskey – Great Lakes Distillery. Kinnickinnic: [KIN-I-KUH-NIK] An Ojibwe word meaning “what is mixed”. Our Kinnickinnic Whiskey is a blend of Straight Bourbon we have sourced from one of America’s finest distilleries and a Malt whiskey and a Rye Whiskey we produce here at Great Lakes Distillery.

Who makes Blanton’s bourbon?

Buffalo Trace Distillery
Blanton’s Bourbon is produced at Buffalo Trace Distillery, located in Frankfort, Kentucky. The Albert B. Blanton Bottling Hall is currently a part of their distillery tour.

Why does Wisconsin drink so much brandy?

Since Chicago was only a train ride away, many Wisconsinites came to the exposition. And it’s been told that German Wisconsinites, in particular, loved the Korbel brothers’ brandy, which then popularized drinking brandy in the state. Some of the grounds of the World’s Columbian Fair in Chicago, 1893.

Is J Henry&sons Bourbon worth the price?

Worth The Price: J. Henry & Sons retails between $47 and $54 depending on where you shop. You may wonder why anyone would drop this kind of cash on a completely unknown bourbon, and the answer is because this bourbon is just that good. If you normally spend over $40 on bourbon, J. Henry & Sons should definitely be added to your collection.

What is J Henry Bourbon made from?

Made from heirloom red corn, developed in 1939 by the University of Wisconsin, that’s grown on our farm, J. Henry & Sons Bourbon possesses a refined flavor and aroma that’s both distinctive and delicious. Our bourbon is a labor of love that’s meant to be experienced after a hard day’s work or play.

Where is J Henry&Sons located?

From grains grown right here on our Wisconsin farm, our bourbons have been recognized among the best at international competitions. J. Henry & Sons 7794 Patton Road Dane, Wis. 53529 Contact Us Bourbon Journal (Blog)

How much is a bottle of J Henry Worth?

Those new to bourbon will find the lack of any harshness enticing, and bourbon aficionados will recognize the time, effort and patience that goes into a quality whiskey. Worth The Price: J. Henry & Sons retails between $47 and $54 depending on where you shop.