Where is passage of the eidolons?

Where is passage of the eidolons?

The Passage of the Eidolons, also known as the Cave to the Phantom World, is a location in Final Fantasy IV and Final Fantasy IV: The After Years. Its caverns link the Underworld to the Feymarch, land of Eidolons.

How do you get a rat tail?

A Rat’s tail is a quest item used in the Witch’s Potion miniquest. It can be obtained by killing any rat in RuneScape after the player has begun Witch’s Potion. The item has a 100% chance to drop once you begin the miniquest.

Where can I get pink tail ff4?

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years Pink Tail is again an ultra rare drop from the Flan Princess, found only on the Full Moon on the 5th floor in the Lunar Subterrane southwest room. It can be traded for the rare Pink Armor.

Where is sealed cave ff4?

A Phoenix Down can be found in the northeast corner of town, in a barrel. After you get all of these items, and when your party is fully equipped and healed, head back out to the world map and save your game. Then, jump in the Falcon and go west from Tomra to an isolated cave entrance. This is the Sealed Cavern.

Where is the Feymarch in F4?

The Feymarch, also known as the Land of Monsters or Land of Summons, is a location from Final Fantasy IV, Final Fantasy IV -Interlude- and Final Fantasy IV: The After Years. It is located in the Underworld, and is where eidolons live. The dwarves of Tomra to the Southeast call this place “The Land that Lies Between”.

How do I get to the Feymarch?

You can get to the feymarch in the underworld by airship. Fly to the west side of the underworld and you find an island. Land on the island and make sure that your Rosa knows the Float spell, it will be important for going over the lava pits. Then use the faqs that ACTION submitted to follow the ways to get to the feymarch.

What do you do with the Falcon in the Feymarch?

After obtaining the Falcon, Cecil and his friends can travel to the Feymarch. There, they can interact with many of the land’s denizens and fight Asura and Leviathan. After the Queen and King are bested, they will become available for Rydia to summon.

How do I get to the Sylph cave and the Feymarch?

However, reaching the sylph cave and the feymarch will have to wait until much later when you’ll be able to explore the underworld completely. For the summons, there are two to get in the feymarch, one in the sylph cave, one in baron castle (you can’t get it until you reach the feymarch) and one more on the moon.