Where is Sutton and East Surrey?

Where is Sutton and East Surrey?

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Who provides water in Sutton?

SES Water is the UK water supply company to its designated area of east Surrey, West Sussex, west Kent and south London serving in excess of 282,000 homes and businesses and a population of approximately 675,000 people.

What does SES water stand for?

Sutton and East Surrey Water
1996. Sutton District Water merged with East Surrey Water to form Sutton and East Surrey Water.

Who supplies water Surrey?

Sutton and East Surrey Water plc.

Where does my water come from SES?

Around 85 per cent of the water we supply to our customers comes from underground, from the deep water-holding rocks (called aquifers) in the chalk of the North Downs or the large deposits of greensand south of the Downs. When it rains, water runs into streams and rivers and soaks into the ground.

Who supplies water in Epsom?

Where does Epsom water come from? Thames Water sources its water supply from a combination of rivers and aquifers. Around 70% of the total supply comes from river and groundwater sources in the Thames Valley, while the remaining 30% is sourced from the water table via aquifers.

Where does Sutton get its water from?

Groundwater supplies provide 85 per cent of their water with 15 per cent being extracted from their reservoir at Bough Beech near Edenbridge. They maintain over 2000 miles of water mains and have eight treatment works, 23 pumping stations and 31 operational service reservoirs and water towers.

Who supplies Eastbourne water?

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Where does my water come from Surrey?

City of Surrey drinking water comes from the pristine watersheds in the North Shore Mountains and is delivered to the City by Metro Vancouver. Surrey’s water quality is monitored, meets all the Canadian Drinking Water Quality Guidelines, and does not need to be filtered in your home.