Where is the part number on a trailer hub?

Where is the part number on a trailer hub?

The bearing numbers will be stamped or lasered onto the flat back side of the bearings. The other things you will need to determine are the bolt pattern, the size of your trailer wheel, and the axle capacity.

How do I identify a trailer hub?

The numbers on the back of a trailer bearing correspond to a certain spindle size, and this is the easiest way to determine the correct hub. If a number is not legible on the bearing then you will need a micrometer to measure the inside dimension of the bearing.

How do I know what size hub to buy?

To determine the size of the hub assembly you need to purchase you have to determine which bearings are in the old assembly. If the old assembly has L44649 inner bearings, you would use the hub you chose # 8-258-5UC1. If the inner bearings are marked L44643, you will need # 8-258BTUC1.

How do I know my trailer axle size?

If you bought a company-made trailer (as opposed to building one yourself from a kit) there should be a tag with the VIN, weight and capacities all there for you. You should find it on the driver’s side of the trailer. A second way to determine the size axle you need is to measure the diameter of your existing axle.

How do I know my spindle size?

How do I determine what size spindle I have?

  1. 1 1/16”
  2. 1 ¼”
  3. 1 ⅜”
  4. 1 ¾” The second method is by using a flexible tape measure. Wrap the tape around the spindle at the bearing locations. The number is the circumference of the spindle. Use the table below to determine the bearings required for your spindle.

What size is my spindle?

A “Standard Spindle” hub will measure between 4” and 4-1/16” while a “Short Spindle” hub will measure 3-1/2”.

How do I know what size Dexter axle I have?

How to Determine Weight Capacity of Trailer Axle To find the load capacity for your axle you should look on the trailer VIN plate or sticker that lists the VIN number. The weight rating of the axle should be listed on that same plate or sticker.