Which band has the best live performance?

Which band has the best live performance?

The 40 Greatest Live Acts of All Time:

  • 8) Fleetwood Mac.
  • 7) Coldplay.
  • 6) The Rolling Stones.
  • 5) U2.
  • 4) Muse.
  • 3) Bruce Springsteen.
  • 2) Foo Fighters. The Greatest Live Acts of All Time – as voted by Absolute Radio listeners.
  • 1) Queen. Winners of Absolute Radio’s Greatest Live Acts of All Time poll – the mighty Queen!

Who was the best live rock band ever?

Rolling Stone Readers Pick the Top Ten Live Acts of All Time

  1. Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band. Last weekend we asked our readers to vote for their favorite live acts of all time.
  2. The Rolling Stones.
  3. The Who.
  4. Pink Floyd.
  5. Led Zeppelin.
  6. U2.
  7. Queen.
  8. Pearl Jam.

What is the best rock performance ever?

1 – Live in Hyde Park – Eric Clapton (Warner Music Video) ★★★ – 2001.

  • 2 – Live In New York City – Bruce Springsteen & The E.
  • 3 – Live at the Garden – Pearl Jam (Epic / Sony Music) ★★★★ – 2003.
  • 4 – Live in Boston – Fleetwood Mac (Warner Home Video) ★★★★ – 2003.
  • 5 – Live At Pompeii – Pink Floyd (Universal) ★★★1/2 – 2004.
  • How long are rock concerts?

    Expect a concert to last anything from 90 minutes to two hours, and that is a pretty good guide. There is often a 15-20 minute interval too. However, with artists being very much in control of their music, it’s also correct to say that a concert can last much longer, from two and a half hours to three hours.

    Who is the greatest rock singer of all time?

    Rolling Stone Readers Pick the Best Lead Singers of All Time

    • Bono.
    • Mick Jagger.
    • Jim Morrison.
    • Roger Daltrey.
    • Eddie Vedder.
    • John Lennon.
    • Chris Cornell.
    • Kurt Cobain. The Nirvana frontman’s career lasted only a handful of years, but he’s inarguably one of the greatest songwriters of the past few decades.

    Who was the best singer at Live Aid?

    Queen. Last but definitely not least is Queen, who ruled the day with what would become one of the best live performances in music history. And 36 years later, few have touched the magic Queen created on stage at Live Aid.

    What are some of the best rock concerts?

    Viva la Fiesta! The biggest celebration in all of San Antonio officially made its grand return this year after being canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020,though it

  • Día de los Muertos.
  • Luminaria and Diwali Festivals at Hemisfair.
  • Wurstfest in New Braunfels.
  • Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon.
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  • What was the loudest rock concert you ever attended?

    Originally Answered: What was the loudest rock concert you ever attended? It was Neil Young and Crazy Horse at the New Haven Coliseum on August 26, 1987. The first set was acoustic a la the 1979 album “Rust Never Sleeps.” Super great. Neil played solo acoustic guitar and piano and sang some favorites like “Heart Of Gold” and “Sugar Mountain.”

    What was Your Favorite Rock Concert?

    Talking Heads are in my top 5 favorite groups, not to mention the legendary SMS tour. I’ve always said that of any band/musician dead or alive, I’d pay the most to see the Talking Heads. 7. level 2. · 7y. Jealous! I saw David Byrne 5 or 6 years ago and it was the best concert I’ve ever seen.

    What was the best rock concert in history?

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