Which crime is most common in Pakistan?

Which crime is most common in Pakistan?

Serious violent crime does happen in Pakistan, including armed robbery, robbery, carjacking, kidnappings, home invasion and murder. But, these crimes are common in major urban areas.

Which country has high crime rate India or Pakistan?


STAT India Pakistan
Age of criminal responsibility 7 Ranked 50th. The same as Pakistan 7 Ranked 53th.
Assault rate 23.1 Ranked 73th. 231 times more than Pakistan 0.1 Ranked 92nd.
Burglaries 8 Ranked 50th. 80 times more than Pakistan 0.1 Ranked 10th.
Crime levels 47.61 Ranked 45th. 69.41 Ranked 16th. 46% more than India

Is crime increasing in Pakistan?

Crime Statistics of Pakistan shows that there is a rapid increase in the number of crime reported over time like other countries of the world. It may be because of high unemployment, rising poverty, increasing inflation and urbanization. Some other non-economic factors are also responsible for it.

How many murders are there in Pakistan?

In 2019, number of homicides for Pakistan was 8,153. Though Pakistan number of homicides fluctuated substantially in recent years, it tended to increase through 2000 – 2019 period ending at 8,153 in 2019.

Is Pakistan a violent country?

A survey carried out by the Thomson Reuters Foundation ranked Pakistan as the third most dangerous country in the world for women, after Afghanistan and the Democratic Republic of Congo. The majority of victims of violence have no legal recourse.

Is Pakistan more safer than India?

For major cities in those countries you get more relevant data by specifying cities….Crime Comparison Between India and Pakistan.

Index India Pakistan
Safety Scale: 55.38 58.65

Why is Pakistan so unsafe?

Bordering Iran and Afghanistan, the mainly deserted southwestern province of Pakistan is the most dangerous and unstable region in the country, the main reason being the fact that the border with Afghanistan is out of control, hence many Taliban cross it freely.