Which district is chorkor?

Which district is chorkor?

Accra Metropolis district
Chorkor is a fishing village and a neighbourhood in the Accra Metropolis district, a district in the Greater Accra Region of Ghana. The Chorkor oven got its name from here.

What is the meaning of chorkor?

An oven for smoking food
Chorkor definition An oven for smoking food, particularly fish, used in many African countries.

Which district is mamobi in Accra?

East Ayawaso District
Nima/Mamobi (East Ayawaso District of the Greater Accra Region)

What is the population of chorkor?

Abstract. Statement of the Problem: Chorkor is a fishing community in Accra, Ghana. It has a population of about 3000 people.

Which district is odorkor?

Accra Metropolitan district
Odorkor is a town in the Accra Metropolitan district, a district of the Greater Accra Region of Ghana.

Who is a chorkor smoker?

A Chorkor oven is an oven used for fish smoking. It gets its name from Chorkor, a fishing village and suburb of the capital of Ghana, Accra. In Chorkor, this oven is widely used for smoke-drying sardinella (in Ghana also known as ‘herring’, not to be confused with the real herring Clupea harengus) and other fish.

How many houses are in Achimota?

17 houses
All 17 houses at Achimota School pay sentimental homage to the School’s own unique history and the struggle of a nation once called the Gold Coast, now Ghana. In fact, the houses in the School are the best summation of Ghana’s history.

Is achimota part of Ga West?

Achimota means “speak no name” in the Ga language….

Coordinates: 5°37′00″N 00°14′00″WCoordinates: 5°37′00″N 00°14′00″W
Country Ghana
Region Greater Accra Region

Which district is maamobi?

Country Ghana
Region Greater Accra Region

Which district is Nima in Ghana?

Ayawaso East Municipal District
Country Ghana
Region Greater Accra
Capital Nima
Population (2021)

Which municipality is odorkor?