Which extension is best for YouTube video download?

Which extension is best for YouTube video download?

Let’s review the tools listed above in detail:

  • #1) YouTube By Click Downloader.
  • #2) Leawo Video Downloader.
  • #3) MiniTool uTube Downloader.
  • #4) Video Downloader Professional.
  • #5) FBDOWN.net.
  • #6) Video Downloader Plus.
  • #7) Video Downloader Pro.
  • #8) SaveFrom.net.

How do I add YouTube extension to Chrome?

How to download YouTube videos in Chrome: Install Local YouTube Downloader

  1. Open the Chrome Web Store and search for “TamperMonkey” or go straight to the Tampermonkey Chrome extension page.
  2. Click “Add extension” to install Tampermonkey.

How do I enable right click extension?

The easiest way to enable right-click menu on any website is by using an extension or add-on. Various extensions serve the purpose, but the one I have used for the better part of the last decade is Absolute Enable Right Click and Copy. It is available on both Chrome (download) and Firefox (download).

How do I download YouTube videos with cross pilot?

This adds the extension to your Chrome browser and opens the options menu in a separate tab that requires you to grant permissions to the extension. Go to https://addoncrop.com/youtube-video-downloader/. Select browser as “Chrome” under the dropdown list. Click on the button “Install Via Crosspilot”.

How do I download YouTube videos using Crosspilot?

How do I download when right click is disabled?

Save Images When Right Click Is Disabled in Firefox

  1. Open the webpage you wish to download an image from.
  2. Navigate to “Tools,” then “Options.”
  3. Select the “Content” tab.
  4. Uncheck the box next to “Enable JavaScript.”
  5. Reload the page. You should be able to save the image you want.

How do I install absolute right click and copy?

If you have not already, download and install Firefox. Next open Firefox and go to the Absolute Enable Right Click & Copy extension page. Click Add to Firefox. You may have to re-enable the extension more than once for different pages.

How to enable right click in Windows 10?

Open Windows Terminal with Windows PowerShell or Command Prompt.

  • Copy and paste the following command into Windows Terminal,then press Enter: reg add “HKCU\\Software\\Classes\\CLSID\\{86ca1aa0-34aa-4e8b-a509-50c905bae2a2}\\InprocServer32″/f/ve If everything goes right,it should say “The operation completed successfully.”
  • Close Windows Terminal.
  • Why is my right click not working?

    Check Explorer add-ons.

  • Check File Explorer’s default context menu setting.
  • Disable Tablet mode.
  • Disable third-party mouse manager tools.
  • Change Power Management settings for USB hubs.
  • Remove recently installed software.
  • Update your system to the latest version.
  • Scan computer for virus or malware.
  • How to fix mouse right click not working [solved]?

    Click the Start Menu and go to Settings and then click System.

  • Choose Tablet Mode on the left.
  • Under “When I Sign In” select Use desktop mode.
  • Under “When this device automatically switches tablet mode on or off”,select Don’s ask me and don’t switch.
  • Restart. Remove Intel&NVIDIA Control Panel from Right Click Context Menu.
  • How to right-click using the keyboard?

    Right-click Keyboard Shortcut. The simplest way to right-click using a keyboard is to use the Menu Key (or application key).

  • Right-click without a dedicated key on keyboard. If you don’t have a dedicated right-click button on your keyboard,then worry not.
  • Set up Mouse Keys from Control Panel.
  • Use a Macro Program.