Which object repository type is created by default?

Which object repository type is created by default?

Shared Object Repository

Local Object Repository (LOR) Shared Object Repository (SOR)
This is the OR that is available for each tests, by default. This type of OR is usually used in frameworks considering reusability and maintainability.

What are the different run types supported by UFT?

Different Type of Testing in Unified Functional Testing (UFT) 12.0 – This is the 6th QTP Tutorial in our UFT training series.

  • UFT GUI Testing.
  • UFT API Testing.
  • UFT Business Process Testing.

How many types of actions are there in UFT?

three different Action calls
There are three different Action calls present in UFT: 1.

Which of the following options is the default ordinal identifier?

ordinal Identifier is “Index”. For Web Browser, default is “Creation Time”.

What is the default count of data sheet available in UFT for an action?

To know more about action please refer to my post on actions Everything about Actions in UFT. Global DataTable − Each test has one global data sheet that is accessible across actions.

What is the default recording mode in UFT?

Normal or contextual recording mode
Normal or contextual recording mode: Normal recording mode is the basic or default recording mode that is used in UFT, it takes full advantage of UFT’s test object model. It can recognize the objects regardless of their position on-screen.

How many types of recording are there in UFT?

UFT One provides the following recording modes: Normal Recording. Analog Recording. Low-level recording.

What are actions in QTP?

There are 3 types of QTP Actions:

  • Reusable – Only these can be called multiple times within the same or different tests.
  • Non-Reusable – These cannot be called by any other actions.
  • External Actions – A reusable action when called from another action becomes an external action in the called action.

Why to choose QTP certification?

Why to Choose QTP Certification? Although, we all know, QTP (UFT) is an advanced and very famous functional and performance testing tool, most of the testers and developers like to learn UFT to develop and test the application effectively & efficiently. So, these two HP QTP certificates can boost your resume as well as your knowledge too.

What is the difference between QTP certification and HP AIS certification?

Organizations automatically get to know the QTP certified person will be having good testing knowledge. Let us know, what these two certifications are? HP AIS – Functional Testing v11 (HP0-M47) is a basic level certification exam and HP ASE – Functional Testing v11 (HP0-M98) is an advanced level certification exam conducted by HP.

How to prepare for the HP QTP certification exam?

Here, you have successfully registered for the QTP certification exam. After registration, HP suggests you to go through the main training course recommended by HP. It is not mandatory for you to go through this training course, but yes; passing chances increases due to this course.

Which method is used to encrypt the password in QTP?

Explanation:- QTP, SetSecure Method is used to encrypt the password. 134.Q) Is Action Conversion Tool used to convert test Actions created using QTP to scripted components for use in business process testing? 135.Q) Which of the following conditional statement can create a branching condition steps in a test?