Who is Park Jong Suk?

Who is Park Jong Suk?

Park Jung-suk (Korean: 박정석) is a Korean name consisting of the family name Park and the given name Jung-suk, and may also refer to: Park Jung-suk (footballer) (born 1977), South Korean footballer. Park Jung-suk (video gamer) (born 1983), South Korean StarCraft player.

Is Lee Jong Suk a singer?

Currently serving in the military, Lee Jong Suk made his singing debut with the OST for While you were Sleeping.

Is there any upcoming drama of Lee Jong Suk?

Later, Lee also opened up about taking on a new type of character for the upcoming 2022 drama Big Mouth. The actor is set to play Park Chang-ho, a talkative lawyer with a measly 10 per cent winning rate. “It’s a character who’s on the older side, and he’s also married in the story,” shared the actor.

Is Jang Song-thaek still alive?

Jang Song-thaek (January or February 1946 – 12 December 2013) was a leading figure in the government of North Korea. He was married to Kim Kyong-hui, the only daughter of North Korean Premier Kim Il-sung and his first wife Kim Jong-suk, and only sister of North Korean general secretary Kim Jong-il.

What happened to Song Yoo jung?

South Korean actress and model Song Yoo Jung died over the weekend, reports said Monday. The 26-year-old star died Saturday and was laid to rest during a quiet, private funeral, her management company Sublime Artist Agency confirmed to Newsweek .

Was North Korean Jang Song-thaek executed?

Dennis Rodman, a former U.S. basketball star, told the magazine that during his visit to North Korea in January 2014, Jang Song-thaek was not executed and stood behind him in the photo shoot, sparking controversy.

Why was Jang Jang expelled from North Korea?

In December 2013, Jang was abruptly accused of being a counter-revolutionary and was stripped of all his posts and expelled from the Workers’ Party of Korea (WPK). His photos were removed from official media and his image digitally removed from photos with other North Korean leaders.