Who is the girl in the AAMI advert?

Who is the girl in the AAMI advert?

Mandy McElhinney
Mandy McElhinney (born 1971/1972) is an Australian actress best known for playing Rhonda in AAMI insurance advertisements….

Mandy McElhinney
Born 1970-09-09 Perth, Western Australia, Australia
Occupation Actress

Who played Ketut in AAMI ads?

Kadek Mahardika
The two became national sensations when the insurance company ran a series of ads that chronicled their relationship. Rhonda Mandy (McElhinney) met Ketut (Kadek Mahardika) while she was on holiday and he eventually moved to Australia to be with her.

Are Ketut and Rhonda a couple?

Kadek Mahardika, AKA Ketut, has married his Rhonda in a beachside ceremony in Bali. The 31-year-old, who rose to fame in 2012 after starring in a viral AAMI advertisement, married Australian girlfriend Laura Jack at Bali’s Nusa Dua resort. The couple revealed the details of their wedding in this week’s New Idea.

Is Rhonda from AAMI married?

I hear you all wanted to know how me and my beautiful wife Rhonda are doing,’ confirming the pair have married. Ketut explained Rhonda wasn’t able to join him as she was in the middle of ‘homeschooling the kids. ‘

What happened to Rhonda and Ketut?

Rhonda and Ketut are still together and doing well. ‘Naturally, they’ve had to cancel some holiday plans but are using the time to relax at home. Stay safe!’ Actors Mandy and Kadek portrayed Rhonda and Ketut in the famous AAMI commercials.

Did Rhonda and Ketut have a kid?

Fast forward to 2021 and Rhonda & Ketut are happy together and even have a little baby. The new ad is like we (Australia) are Facetiming the adorable little family and it’s honestly quite sweet. “Eyes on the future Australia, vax up,” Ketut says.

When did Rhonda and Ketut meet AAMI?

AAMI first introduced Rhonda in October 2011 with Ketut introduced as a love interest later in the campaign when she visited Bali. AAMI followed up the Bali romance with a love-triangle between Rhonda, Ketut and Trent Toogood with the public invited to chose who was right for Rhonda.