Who is the owner of financial education services?

Who is the owner of financial education services?

Mike Toloff
Financial Education Services has 2 current employee profiles, including Co-Founder & President Mike Toloff .

Is the Foundation for Financial Education legit?

The Foundation for Financial Education is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to spreading financial literacy by providing free educational resources directly to the public.

Who is Mike Toloff?

Mike Toloff is a Founder at Tech VR. He attended MIT School of Business.

What is FES credit?

FES is a multi-level marketing company and the product that they offer is credit repair services. The 3 things that FES offers are: The opportunity to make money in the MLM industry. The opportunity to fix your credit. The opportunity to help others fix their credit.

How much does it cost to be an FES agent?

The set-up fee for FES Protection Plan customers is $99. During the enrollment process, agents have the option of reducing the setup fee to $49 or waiving the set-up fee entirely. Discounting or waiving the set-up fee is offered as a friends and family discount or multiple sale discount.

How much is Fes?

$4,000 to $14,000
Electrical muscle stimulation FES systems range from $4,000 to $14,000. The cost will depend on the type we use and the components required to get the best outcome for you. The reason for the large variation in cost is due to the different technology built into the FES devices.

Does FES work?

FES allows muscles that have been paralyzed or partially paralyzed by stroke to move again. When using FES as a treatment after a stroke, an electrical current is applied to the skin over a nerve, or over the bulk of a muscle, which causes the muscle to contract. If the peripheral nerves are damaged, it may not work.

Who can use FES?

4. Who can wear a FES electrical muscle stimulation device and how do I know if I am suitable? FES devices are suitable for people with muscular weakness, loss of co-ordination or paralysis due to upper motor neurone issues. An upper motor neurone issue is an issue which is limited to the brain or spinal cord.