Who is the SDO of Supaul?

Who is the SDO of Supaul?

Shri Manish Kumar S.D.O
Contact Details

Name Designation Mobile
Shri Manish Kumar S.D.O,Supaul 9473191347
Shri Sanjay Kumar Singh S.D.O,Nirmali 9473191350
Md. Sheikh Ziaul Hassan S.D.O,Triveniganj 9473191349
Shri Kumar Satyendra Yadav S.D.O,Birpur 9473191348

Who is the IPS of Supaul?

Shri D. Amarkesh (I.P.S) | Supaul District, Government of Bihar | India.

How many sub divisions are in Supaul district?

4 sub-divisions
The district comprises 4 sub-divisions: Supaul, Birpur, Triveniganj and Nirmali. Supaul sub-division consists 4 blocks: Supaul, Kishanpur, Saraigadh-Bhaptiyahi and Pipra. Birpur sub-division is further divided into 3 blocks: Basantpur, Raghopur and Pratapganj.

How many blocks are there in Supaul Bihar?

Blocks. There are a total of eleven blocks in the Supaul District: Basantpur (Parts of Birpur Sub-division)

Is Supaul in Nepal?

The distance between Supaul and Nepal is 332 km. The road distance is 356.4 km.

What is Supaul?

Supaul is a town and a municipality that is headquarters of Supaul district in the Indian state of Bihar. Supaul is the administrative headquarters of this district.

Where is Bir Birpur located?

Birpur is a city and a notified area in Supaul district in the state of Bihar, India. It is a small town on the Indo-Nepal border near the historic Koshi Barrage on the Koshi River. It has an airstrip, which is being modernised and later on will be utilized for commercial as well defence use.

What is the population of children with age of 0-6 in Birpur?

Population of Children with age of 0-6 is 2974 which is 14.92% of total population of Birpur (NP). In Birpur Nagar Panchayat, Female Sex Ratio is of 864 against state average of 918. Moreover Child Sex Ratio in Birpur is around 973 compared to Bihar state average of 935. Literacy rate of Birpur city is 79.91% higher than state average of 61.80%.

What is the literacy rate of Birpur?

Literacy rate of Birpur city is 79.91% higher than state average of 61.80%. In Birpur, Male literacy is around 86.67% while female literacy rate is 71.92%. as per census 2011. There is one Sub divisional hospital under the administrative control of Bihar Govt. Earlier this hospital was under the administrative control of Koshi Project.

Why is Birpur famous for Koshi Barrage?

It had been made when first prime minister of India Jawaharlal Nehru had landed here to lay the foundation stone of Koshi Barrage. There has been a new helipad constructed next to the airstrip for multi purpose use. The population of Birpur is mixed. The city mostly consists of colonies made for employees and officers of Koshi project.