Who makes Santana cars?

Who makes Santana cars?

The Volkswagen Santana is a nameplate used by Volkswagen for various sedans and station wagons since 1983. The first generation is based on the second-generation Volkswagen Passat (B2). It was introduced in 1981 while production started in 1983 for China and 1984 for Europe.

Is Santana a defender?

Simple, rugged, and as astonishingly capable off road as any other Land Rover, the Santana 2500 is more relaxed than a Series III, longer legged and more powerful, too, and compares pretty decently in terms of refinement to a very early Defender.

Is Santana fuel efficient?

Fuel Efficiency With more gears to plow on, the Santana captured notable fuel economy numbers during my tests. Within the city and amidst heavy rush hour traffic, I was able to get 8.8 km/L.

Is Volkswagen Santana Diesel?

Initially, Volkswagen Philippines brought in the Santana with a 1.4L gasoline engine that’s connected to a 5-speed manual transmission. The company, however, added 1.5L variants that have a 6-speed automatic gearbox.

Why is Beetle so costly?

Originally Answered: Why would they price the Volkswagen Beetle more than a Volkawagen Jetta, in India? Tax- You see, the Beetle is a full import and hence attracts 125% import duty while the Jetta is locally assembled making it fall in the lower tax bracket.

Is Volkswagen Santana automatic?

Volkswagen Santana Power-trains It comes with the option of a 5-Speed Manual and 6-Speed Automatic transmission gearbox.

What is so special about Beetle car?

World’s longest produced vehicle in history: The classic beetle was manufactured from 1998 to 2003, making it the world’s longest produced vehicle in history. The classic beetle sold more than 21.5 million units in its lifetime.

Is a beetle a good car?

VW Beetle Reliability was always pretty good, when comparing it year-over-year to other models in the same class. Currently Volkswagen Beetles are ranked as “above average,” scoring a 4 out of possible 5 in reliability in the compact car category. Other rating groups scored the VW Beetle above average, as well.

What does Santana Motor Stand for?

Santana Motor, S.A. ( / ˌsæntˈænə /; Spanish: [sãn̪.ˈta.na] ), was a Spanish motor vehicle manufacturer based in Linares, in the province of Jaén, Spain.

What happened to Santana Motor Company?

Although many of its products like the Santana Series VI/2500 were still visually similar to those of the Land Rover range the company moved even closer to Suzuki in 1991 when Suzuki gained a 49% stake in the company, becoming the controlling shareholder. A name change followed to Santana Motor, SA in the same year.

What is the history of Santana?

The company was founded as “Metalúrgica de Santa Ana, SA” and originally manufactured agricultural equipment. Santana was set up with a start up of just 3 million pesetas following a drive by the Spanish government in 1954 who were offering start-up incentives to local businesses to encourage development in the Andalucia region of Southern Spain.

Where was the Land Rover Santana 88 made?

Land Rover Santana 88″ from 1972. Santana Motor S.A. was a Spanish car manufacturer based in Linares, in the province of Jaén, Spain. The company was founded as “Metalúrgica de Santa Ana, SA” and originally manufactured agricultural equipment.