Who passed away on thobela?

Who passed away on thobela?

Kgopotso “Mgadee” Sekopa
The late SABC’s Thobela FM presenter, Kgopotso “Mgadee” Sekopa, will be laid to rest at Ga-Mashamothane village near Burgersfort in Limpopo on Sunday. Sekopa passed away on Tuesday after a long illness. She joined the Polokwane based radio station in 2019.

How can I listen to Thobela FM?

Thobela FM – live Thobela FM broadcasts nationwide from Polokwane using frequencies between 87.6 MHZ and 92.1 MHZ FM and it can also be found on channel 815 on DSTv. Additionally, listeners all over the world can listen live to its broadcasts through its official online live streaming service.

How many listeners does Thobela FM have?

2 643 000
Umhlobo Wenene assumes the second position with almost 5.4 million listeners….It’s Official: SABC is home to the Top 10 Radio Stations in SA.

Station Audience
5 Thobela FM 2 643 000
6 Motsweding FM 2 356 000
7 Gagasi FM 1 654 000
8 RSG 1 339 000

Which station is Thobela FM?

Thobela FM is the contemporary voice of Sepedi speaking/understanding South Africans….Thobela FM.

Frequency 87.6 – 92.1 MHz
Format Contemporary
Owner SABC

Who is Moloko mashamaite?

Moloko Mashamaite is a presenter/ producer of Thobela FM. He does the wedding program which is flight ed every Saturday from 08:05- 09:00. This is the program which potential listeners love and enjoy so much as it is the program that stood the test of time. Meet Moloko with his unique allulation.

What happened to Kwenisto from Thobela FM?

Kwenisto disappeared from the airwaves after leaving Thobela FM in 2019, months after being accused of tampering with the results of the Song of the Year competition to make Master KG’s Skeleton Move win instead of King Monada’s Malwedhe.

How many SABC radio stations are there?

18 radio stations
The SABC has 18 radio stations, which have more than 25 million weekly listeners.

What channel is RSG on DSTv?

Full list of DStv audio and radio channel numbers (June 2016)

Station Channel number
Phalaphala FM 811
Radio 2000 812
RSG 813
Safm 814

Who is Lenny T?

Taemane Leonard Legodi aka Lenny T started being on radio in 2003 at GL FM just before moving to Bloemfontein’s Mangaung FM. He has hosted festivals like Macufe and Mapungubwe as an MC throughout the journey. Moved to VUT FM where he worked with the likes of Quincy Kekana and others.

Who is matome Maupi?

Matome Arnold Maupi – presenter/producer sabcnews – SABC | LinkedIn.