Who was hugh Clifford?

Who was hugh Clifford?

Sir Hugh Charles Clifford, GCMG, GBE (5 March 1866 – 18 December 1941) was a British colonial administrator….Hugh Clifford.

His Excellency Sir Hugh Clifford GCMG GBE
Governor of Gold Coast
In office 26 December 1912 – 1 April 1919
Monarch George V

Who is Clifford in Nigeria?

Clifford Nwa Orji (died August 17, 2012) was an alleged Nigerian cannibal. He was also indicted in serial killings, kidnappings, and sale of human body parts and was arrested in 1999. Orji died in Nigeria’s only super-maximum penitentiary, where he spent 13 years, having never been tried for his crimes.

In what ways did 1922 Clifford Constitution in Nigeria significant?

1. The Clifford constitution brought the elective principle into Nigeria which paved way for elective representation of Nigerians. 2. It spurred the formation of parties with the interests of Nigerians and increased Nationalism.

What is Richard Constitution?

The Richard constitution of 1946 was designed to promote national unity and participation of Africans in their own affairs. The 1946 constitution provided for a new legislative council for the whole country. The council was made of the governor as president, sixteen officials and twenty eight unofficial.

What is Richard constitution?

What is Clifford Constitution weakness?

One major weakness of the constitution was that it failed to provide for the elective principle. In other words, no member of the Legislative Council was elected by Africans through the ballot box.

What are the merit of Clifford Constitution?

(i) The constitution introduced elective principles which for the first time allowed Nigerians to elect their representatives to the legislative council. (ii) It paved the way for the political parties in Nigeria. (iii) More Africans were allowed into the legislative council.

What is the 1946 constitution in Nigeria?

What is the Clifford Constitution of 1922?

The Clifford constitution of 1922 affirmed the elective principle of representation and this influenced the formation of political parties in Nigeria. Herbert Macaulay formed the first Nigeria political part – the Nigeria National Democratic Party in 1923 to contest for Lagos town council.

In what way did 1922 Clifford Constitution in Nigeria significant?

(ii) Formation of political parties: Clifford Constitution was significant because it encouraged political activities which resulted in the formation of political parties. (iii) First constitution: Clifford Constitution was seen as the first constitution for Nigeria.

What are the significance of Hugh Clifford Constitution 1922?

Clifford constitution of 1922 was important in the political development of Nigeria in many aspects. The constitution introduced the elective principle, which gave rise to four elected representatives of the people of Southern Nigeria.

Who amended the 1999 constitution?

In January 2011, two amendments of the 1999 constitution were signed by President Goodluck Jonathan, the first modifications since the document came into use in 1999.

Who was Sir Hugh Clifford?

Sir Hugh Charles Clifford, GCMG, GBE (5 March 1866 – 18 December 1941) was a British colonial administrator.

Where was Lord Clifford born and raised?

He was born in Roehampton, London, the sixth of the eight children of Major-General Sir Henry Hugh Clifford and his wife Josephine Elizabeth, née Anstice; his grandfather was Hugh Clifford, 7th Baron Clifford of Chudleigh.

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