Who writes songs for SHINee?

Who writes songs for SHINee?


Song Writer(s) Album
“In My Room” Kim Young-hu, David Kater, Kim Tae-sung Replay
“In My Room” (Unplugged mix) Kim Young-hu, David Kater, Kim Tae-sung The Shinee World
“JoJo” Kenzie 2009, Year of Us
“Juliette” Choi Minho, Kim Jonghyun, Jay Sean, Joseph Belmatti, Mich Hansen, Remee Romeo

Who is the most famous in SHINee?

Lee Tae-minVocals
Choi Min-hoVocalsOnewMain VocalsKeyLead RapperJonghyunMain Vocals

Why did SHINee break up?

In 2018, SHINee had reigned for a decade, overcoming the seven-year curse – where bands often split at the end of their contracts – but were forced to go on hiatus due South Korea’s mandatory military service. As the year ended, Onew enlisted, and Key and Minho followed shortly months after.

Who wrote SHINee Juliette?

Jonghyun’s debut as a composer was with the Korean lyrics for Shinee’s promotional single “Juliette”, which was featured on the mini-album Romeo, released in May 2009. He participated in the writing of three songs on Shinee’s second Korean studio album, Lucifer.

Who is the leader of Shinee now?

Kim Jong-hyun
Years active 2008–2017
Labels SM
Associated acts Shinee SM Town SM the Ballad
Website Official website

Is Shinee still popular in Korea?

Comeback as a four-member group They also released an album the same year that paid tribute to their late member. This year, Shinee showed they remain as popular as ever with the worldwide success of their latest album. The Princes of K-pop’s long reign doesn’t look set to end anytime soon.

What was Shinee debut song?

SHINee made their debut in 2008 with “Replay”. The song offered the first glimpse into what really makes SHINee stand out from the crowd. With their excellent dance moves, awesome vocals, and catchy lyrics, “Reply” was a huge success and was the start of it all for this group.

How many members in Shinee?

“SHINee (샤이니)” is a contemporary group signed under SM Entertainment. The group consists of five members: Onew , Jonghyun , Key, Minho and Taemin . Ruth Doyle

What is Shinee’s age order?

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Why is Onew the leader of Shinee?

Onew: Leader, vocalist 30-year-old Onew is the leader of SHINee and took on a paternal role early on in his career when he had to look after his four younger teenaged members. Although being the oldest and most responsible member, Onew has a mischievous side to him and engages in making fun of the other boys.