Who wrote Are You Ready For Love Elton John?

Who wrote Are You Ready For Love Elton John?

LeRoy Bell
Thom BellCasey James
Are You Ready for Love/Composers

What year was Elton John and Kiki Dee song?

“Don’t Go Breaking My Heart” is a 1976 duet by English musician Elton John and English singer Kiki Dee.

Are you ready for love disco?

In 1989, MCA released a 6-track CD, The Complete Thom Bell Sessions, which contained a different mix of “Are You Ready for Love” in place of the one that appeared on the original 1979 EP….Are You Ready for Love.

“Are You Ready for Love”
Released 31 May 1979
Recorded October 1977
Genre Soft rock, soul
Length 8:15 3:32 (1979 mix)

Was I want love written for Rocketman?

I Want Love

“I Want Love”
Length 4:35
Label Rocket Mercury
Songwriter(s) Elton John Bernie Taupin
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Who sang Are you ready?

AC/DCAre You Ready / Artist

Are you ready for love Year?

1989Are You Ready for Love / Released

When did Elton John release don’t Go Breaking My Heart?

1976Don’t Go Breaking My Heart / Released

Where is Kiki Dee today?

Where is Kiki Dee now? Kiki Dee still records music, with her most recent album being 2013’s A Place Where I Can Go. She currently performs alongside guitarist Carmelo Luggeri, including a series of sell-out shows in 2018.

Are you ready for love re release date?

Are You Ready release date?

Are You Ready? (Pacific Gas & Electric song)

“Are You Ready?”
Single by Pacific Gas & Electric
B-side “Staggolee”
Released April 22, 1970
Length 5:49 (Album Version) 3:00: (Single Version)

When was are you Ready for Love by Elton John released?

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. ” Are You Ready for Love ” is a song recorded by Elton John in 1977 and first released in the UK in 1979 on the EP The Thom Bell Sessions.

Who sang backup on Elton John’s’Are you Ready for Love’?

The Spinners sang backup on this track, with lead singer John Edwards (he replaced Philippe Wynne earlier in 1977) doing some answer vocals, responding with lines like “tell me” and “give it to me” when Elton asks the musical question, Are you ready for love?

Did Elton John write’Livin’It Up’?

Thom Bell wrote this song with songwriter/guitarists Leroy Bell and Casey James, who had a hit with “Livin’ It Up (Friday Night)” as Bell & James. It’s one of Elton John’s few hits he had no part in writing, with an arrangement quite different from his previous material and lyrics that Bernie Taupin never would have written:

What is the B-side of are you Ready for Love?

The 2003 single’s B-side is “Three Way Love Affair” (from the original EP) and also the full-length 1979 Version of “Are You Ready for Love”. On some CD versions, the CD also contains a QuickTime version of a video for the song, with recording studio footage from 1977 with Elton recording his vocals.