Why are Belleville washers used?

Why are Belleville washers used?

The purpose of a Belleville washer is to absorb loads by acting as a spring. When a load is applied a Belleville washer, the washer compresses. At the same time, the Belleville washer exerts an equal amount of force against the object.

What does a Belleville washer look like?

It is shaped much like a washer and is typically smaller than a coiled spring. Because Belleville washers can bear a much larger load relative to its deflection rate than a coiled spring, they are ideal for cushioning heavy loads with short motion.

Are Belleville washers reusable?

Yes, Belleville conical washers can be reused, repeatedly, as long as they are not damaged. Overloading and over-torquing these washers can wear them out over time. As long as they are used properly and checked before reuse, these fasteners can be used again and again to complete projects.

How do Belleville disc springs work?

Simply put, Belleville washers and Disc Springs are engineered to support high loads, relative to deflection compared to ordinary lock washers or helical springs. They reduce loosening in bolted joints resulting from vibration, relaxation, and differential thermal expansion and contraction.

What sizes do belleville spring washers come in?

Our metric conical spring washers are offered in Belleville spring, flange and DIN/disc spring options with metric sizes ranging from 4mm to 125mm depending on the style selected. Submit Your Belleville Spring Quote Today!

Are Belleville washers made in USA?

As an American Belleville spring washer manufacturer for over 70 years, Belleville spring washers have been an integral part of the Solon Manufacturing product family. While other companies provide washers, springs, and locknuts, Solon’s standard for excellence continues to distinguish us from our competitors.

What are the common characteristics of Solon Belleville springs washer products?

Long service life, self-damping, and efficient use of space are among the common characteristics of all Solon Belleville Springs and washer products. Application-specific product groups include:

What kind of Belleville washers does key Bellevilles offer?

CELEBRATING 50 YEARS! Key Bellevilles offers a wide variety of belleville washers to meet your design requirements. Our catalog consists of bellevilles geared toward precision bolting, heavy bolting, refining & chemical flange bolting, cryogenic flange bolting, and many other applications.