Why did Camp Mulla break up?

Why did Camp Mulla break up?

In May 2013, Sub Sahara announced that lead singer Karun was leaving to pursue a solo career and further studies in the United States, with rapper Thee MC Africa also leaving to pursue a solo career.

Was Karun in Camp Mulla?

Karungari Mungai, professionally known as Karun (formerly Miss Karun), is an R&B singer-songwriter from Kenya and former member of the legendary Camp Mulla music group. She was born in 1994 to Eric and Molly Mungai, who are both among the richest people in Kenya.

Where is Karun from?

Hailing from Nairobi, Kenya Karun is a Berklee College of Music Alumni and has recently caught our attention through the release of her highly anticipated 7-track EP ‘Catch A Vibe’.

Where does Camp Mulla come from?

Nairobi, KenyaCamp Mulla / Origin

When did Camp Mulla break up?

Camp Mulla breakup In 2013, the group pulled out on their planned artistic tour to Dubai, Europe, and Zimbambwe among other African countries. Cancellation of these scheduled trips took effect on the eve of the last minutes raising untamed speculations from their followers.

What group was Karun?

Camp MullaMiss Karun / Music group (2009 – 2013)

Is Karun Kenyan?

Karun is an alt. RnB musician from Nairobi, Kenya who has captivated audiences since she was a teenager.

Where is Karun?


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Provinces Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari, Khuzestan
Cities Shushtar, Ahwāz, Khorramshahr
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What is the age of Karun Nair?

30 years (December 6, 1991)Karun Nair / Age

Who is Kasongo wa Kanema?

Kasongo was part of an elite group of Congolese musicians who relocated to Kenya in the early 1970s. He is best remembered for his lead vocals in the evergreen Kakolele Viva Christmas song.

Who is Karun?

Origin of the name “KARUN” The Last King of an Anatolian civilization Lydia, CROESUS (known as KARUN in Turkish) is known as the inventor of first user of “coin” and referred as the richest ever man on earth. As the richest mortal in the world, he was 35 years old in 566 BC when he became the King of Lydia.

What is Karoon planet?

The Karun (Persian: کارون, IPA: [kɒːˈɾuːn]) is the Iranian river with the highest water flow, and its only navigable river.

What is Camp Mulla?

Camp Mulla is an alternative hip hop group originating from and based in Nairobi, Kenya.

When did Camp Mulla release their first song?

On 31 August 2010, Camp Mulla released their first single, ” Party Don’t Stop “, to generally positive critical acclaim, peaking at number 2 on Capital FM’s “Hits Not Homework” playlist and number 13 on Homeboyz Radio’s “HitList”.

What did Camp Mulla get nominated for?

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When did Camp Mulla release Funky Town?

Camp Mulla was nominated for Best International Act (Africa) at the 2012 BET Awards —becoming the first Kenyans ever to be nominated for a BET award in the process—alongside Lira, Mokobé and Ice Prince, but lost out to eventual winners Sarkodie and Wizkid. On 29 September 2012, the group released their debut studio album, Funky Town .