Why did Def Leppard break up?

Why did Def Leppard break up?

Early in their career, Def Leppard were dealt a couple of major blows. The first came in 1984, when drummer Rick Allen lost his arm in a car accident. Seven years later, guitarist Steve Clark died of a drug overdose. Elliott admitted that those tragedies were the closest they’ve come to splitting up.

Is Def Leppard sober?

These days Def Leppard guitarist Phil Collen is one of the fittest guys in rock and roll, but it wasn’t always that case thanks to his old drinking habits. The guitarist tells Noisecreep that he’s been sober for 25 years and is glad he stopped when he did.

Is Def Leppard still alive?

Def Leppard’s next studio album, Pyromania, was released in January 1983, with “Photograph” and “Rock of Ages” both topping the US Rock Tracks chart and reaching the Top 20 of the Hot 100….

Def Leppard
Years active 1977–present
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Who is the lead singer for Def Leppard?

singer Joe Elliott
Still helming Def Leppard is lead singer Joe Elliott, 58, even as the band has lost members to accidents and life changes.

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