Why did my DirecTV bill go up?

Why did my DirecTV bill go up?

“Due to increased programming costs, we’re adjusting the price of our video packages,” DirecTV said in message on its customer site, adding that this year “we have experienced higher-than-normal inflation across our suppliers.”

Is DirecTV raising prices in 2022?

DirecTV has confirmed a series of rate increases for its virtual MVPD, DirecTV Stream, making it the latest live streaming TV service to raise prices.

How many customers does DirecTV have 2021?

14.6 million
According to Leichtman Research Group (LRG), the pay TV provider that was spun off from AT lost an estimated 400,000 customers in the fourth quarter, finishing 2021 with less than 15 million subscribers (around 14.6 million).

Did DIRECTV raise their prices 2022?

Beginning January 23, 2022, DirecTV Stream Choice will increase $5 per month (from $84.99 to $89.99) while Ultimate and Premier will both increase $10 per month (from $84.99 to $94.99 and from $139.99 to $149.99, respectively).

Is DIRECTV raising prices in 2022?

DIRECTV revealed today that it will raise prices on programming packages from $1 a month to $10 a month effective January 23, 2022. The company also said it was adjusting its regional sports network fees, saying some customers will see no change or a rate decrease while others will see up to a $2 monthly increase.

Is DIRECTV satellite going away?

Except DIRECTV satellite isn’t going anywhere. They’re not all going to go straight to streaming. Not only that, DIRECTV is the leading provider of TV services to businesses, government offices, and institutions.

Is DirecTV raising prices for new customers?

DIRECTV has quietly raised its prices for new customers by $5-$15 a month. The satellite TV service announced last month that prices would rise for existing customers by $1-$10 a month in January. That price hike, which went into effect yesterday, received extensive media coverage.

Are DirecTV regional sports network fees going up in 2022?

Along with increases for TV packages, DIRECTV will also be adjusting its Regional Sports Network fees. “Starting on January 23, 2022, Regional Sports Network (RSN) fees are being adjusted by ZIP code viewing area to better align with content.

Is DirecTV raising RSN fees?

In addition, for satellite customers, DirecTV is adjusting regional sports network (RSN) fees, which depending on ZIP code will mean a decrease, no change or or up to a $2 monthly increase.

How much does DirecTV cost in 2021?

The Ultimate package is now $159 a month in year two, compared to $151 a month before while the Premier package is now $214 a month in year two. DIRECTV last raised prices for existing subscribers in January 2021.