Why is Jensen Ackles trending on twitter?

Why is Jensen Ackles trending on twitter?

Jensen Ackles is trending again on Twitter, and just because of a picture of him promoting his company, FamilyBusinessBeerCo. Some fans have no idea why he’s trending, but they love it. Here’s your opportunity to share your love for former Supernatural, future The Boys actor Jensen Ackles.

How much is a meet and greet with Jensen Ackles?

In order to meet Jensen, you must buy a ticket to the conference, as well as a meet and greet package. The admission ticket grants you access to the convention, and it is required in order to purchase the meet and greet packages. The Saturday pass is usually $100 (£75.8), and the Sunday pass is typically $135 (£102.4).

Did Jensen and Jared fall out?

He was really bummed out and my heart just sank.” As for how he felt about Jared’s tweet, Jensen said: “That could have been a step that was avoided but he did it and it happened. I wish he had just called me and said, ‘Yo dude, why didn’t you tell me you were doing this? ‘”

Did Jared unfollow Jensen on twitter?

No. It’s not. This is the first I’ve heard about it. Jared Padalecki further conveyed his anger by unfollowing his co-star, according to a Twitter fan.

Who is older Jared or Jensen?

He is four years younger than his TV older brother, Jensen Ackles. They are real life best friends.

Does Jensen Ackles have a Facebook?

Please remember that Jensen Ackles does not have any social media accounts, including facebook.

Are Padalecki and Ackles still friends?

Padalecki later tweeted that he and Ackles had subsequently spoken, and that their friendship and working relationship was still intact.

Did Jensen Ackles sell the Impala?

Jensen Ackles answered a longtime Supernatural question: Who will keep the Chevy Impala when the show ends? Ackles is taking home the main Impala featured in scenes on the show. However, his costar, Jared Padalecki, is keeping a duplicate of the Impala.