Why is my Pioneer receiver not working?

Why is my Pioneer receiver not working?

Reset the unit by turning it off and back on again if the receiver is not responding when you push buttons on the unit or the remote control. Try disconnecting the A/C cable and then plugging it back in again if this does not resolve the problem. Check the batteries in the remote and replace them, if necessary.

Why does my Pioneer receiver have no sound?

Pioneer receivers are designed to shut off power to the external speakers when a headphone jack is plugged in. If you hear no sound from your speaker system, check to see if the headphones are plugged into the receiver.

How do I reset my Pioneer Elite receiver?

To navigate to this interface, press “Net” on your remote and then select “Home Menu.” Use the arrow pad to select the “Factory Reset” option, then choose “Start.” Confirm by choosing “OK” and then allow a few moments for the device to process the request.

How do I reset my Pioneer amp?


  1. Switch the receiver into standby.
  2. While holding down “ENTER” on the front panel, press “STANDBY/ON. ( the display shows “RESET “)
  3. Select “RESET” using “PRESET “, then press “ENTER” on the front panel. ( the display shows “RESET? OK”)

Why does my stereo have no sound?

The most common reason for no sound is speakers or speaker wires are grounded or shorted to a metal point. Speaker wiring cannot be wired together. Two speakers can not share the same connections.

How do I reset my Pioneer AV receiver 530?

Switch the receiver into standby mode by holding down “Band” and then pressing and holding the “Standby/On” button for about two seconds. When you see “Reset?” appear on the display, press either the left or right arrow button or the “Auto Surround/Stream Direct” button until “OK?” is displayed.

Should you buy the Pioneer Elite sc-05 a/V receiver?

Such is the case with the Pioneer Elite SC-05 A/V receiver. I recently reviewed the Pioneer Elite SC-09TX flagship and found it to be one of the classiest-looking AVRs I’ve ever used. The SC-05 isn’t far behind, even though it lists for only one quarter of the SC-09’s $7000 price tag.

How many watts is a pioneer sc-05 amplifier?

The amplifier offers a total of 630 watts of simultaneous, fast-response, low-distortion (0.09%) power into 8 ohms. With its Class D design, Pioneer claims 90% efficiency, which conserves a lot of energy. The SC-05 has virtually every feature and connection available, highlighted by four HDMI 1.3a inputs and one output.

What is the difference between the sc-05 and sc-07?

The flagship will set you back $7000 versus $1800 for the SC-05. If you need the additional 10Wpc, component output for Zone 2, and a second HDMI 1.3a output for your main room, consider the Pioneer Elite SC-07 at $2200, which shares many of the features of the SC-05, including the same user’s manual.

What are your criticisms of the Sony sc-05?

My only major criticism of the SC-05 is its video processing, which is somewhat lacking compared to what the competition provides. But with Blu-ray moving toward the mainstream and HD content seeing growth from both cable and satellite providers, is HD video processing that big an issue?