Why is Satkosia famous?

Why is Satkosia famous?

Satkosia is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful ecosystems in Odisha. It not only has a magnificent gorge over the River Mahanadi but is also a tiger reserve and a breeding centre for fresh water crocodiles, gharial and mugger. Located close by is the Baisipalli Sanctuary.

Which is the best season to visit Satkosia?

Best Time To Visit It is best to visit Satkosia between October to March.

Which nature camp is best in Satkosia?

Tikarpada Nature Camp (TIPPS) on the bank of the magnificent Satkosia Gorge gives you the experience far beyond your imagination. Boat ride on the Satkosia Gorge of River Mahanadi in between the forested mountains is an unearthly experience.

Are there tigers in Satkosia?

Tigers are currently not here. The National Tiger Conservation Authority, which had approved the transfer of six tigers from the wild of Madhya Pradesh’s Kanha National Park to Satkosia Tiger Reserve in Odisha, has suspended the tiger translocation project pending a detailed review.

In which district is Satkosia?

Satkosia | District Cuttack , Government of Odisha | India.

In which district of Odisha Satkosia Tiger Reserve is located?

Angul district of Odisha
Satkosia Tiger Reserve is a tiger reserve located in the Angul district of Odisha, India covering an area of 988.30 km².

How do you get to satkosia?

from Boudh, the District Head Quarter. The nearest Rail head on the Northern side is Angul and Khurda Road in South. One can travel by air to the Biju Patnaik International Airport, Bhubaneswar to proceed to the Satkosia Tiger Reserve..

How can I go to Kolkata from satkosia by train?

There are several trains from Howrah to reach Satkosia national parks such as Howrah Hatia Express, Azad Hind Express, and others. Jamshedpur is the nearest rail station that shares a distance of 158 km from Satkosia reserve.

Is network available in satkosia?

Finally: Mobile network – No mobile network at the camp. However if you walk about 400 meter inside adjacent village you will get Airtel network.

How many tigers are in Satkosia?

Declared as a Tiger Reserve in 2007, Satkosia had a population of 12 tigers then. The numbers reduced to two in 2018. The purpose of the relocation was to repopulate tigers in the reserve areas.

Which district is Satkosia?

What is the best place to visit in Satkosia Tiger Reserve?

Important tourist points within Satkosia Tiger Reserve are Badmul, Sapapathar, and Kuanria. Badamul provides a lot of scenic beauty and heavenly pleasure. One can encounter with herd of Gaur and sambar.

How to reach Satkosia reserve?

Jamshedpur is the nearest rail station that shares a distance of 158 km from Satkosia reserve. Reach Satkosia By Car If you are planning to visit Satkosia Sanctuary by road, then you will have to drive 546 km to reach this place from Kolkata.

What is Satkosia tour from Kolkata?

The Satkosia tour package from Kolkata takes you to an amazing forest tourist destination that is immensely popular among nature seekers. If you are running out of fresh air, then with Bengal Tour plans you can witness the tranquillity of Mahanadi River during your satkosia tour days.

What to do at Satkosia nature camp Odisha?

While you are at Satkosia Nature Camp, be sure to experience the below list of must-try activities. Birding- see the rarest of nature’s avian beauties. Get up close and personal with nature on organized treks, Soak in leisure and breathtaking views of Gorge while Boating. Like what you see? Looking to have a well-rounded experience in Odisha?