Are The Remarkables open?

Are The Remarkables open?

The Remarkable is open daily from 9am – 4pm, subject to weather conditions.

Who owns The Remarkables ski field?

NZSki is the owner and operator of three distinctively different South Island ski areas; Coronet Peak, Mt Hutt and The Remarkables. Collectively they offer a complete New Zealand snow experience and have a reputation as being among some of New Zealand’s best visitor attractions.

Can you ski in New Zealand now?

The New Zealand ski season typically kicks off in the South Island from mid to late June and finishes in October. The North Island season starts and finishes a little later and it’s not unheard of for resorts like Turoa to stay open till November!

Are any ski fields open in NZ?

2022 Queenstown ski season open dates: Cardrona Alpine Resort: 11 June – 16 October 2022. Coronet Peak Ski Area: 17 June – 25 September 2022. The Remarkables Ski Area: 18 June – 16 October 2022.

Where are The Remarkables in NZ?

The Remarkables (Māori: Kawarau) are a mountain range and skifield in Otago in the South Island of New Zealand. Located on the southeastern shore of Lake Wakatipu, the range lives up to its name by rising sharply to create a remarkable backdrop for the waters.

Can you visit The Remarkables without skiing?

Sightseeing Pass The Shadow Basin chairlift gives you access to the lookout via a short on-snow walk. Sightseeing is available daily from 12:00pm – 2:30pm (subject to conditions). Minimum height 80cm and must be accompanied by an adult.

How high is the Remarkables ski field?

The Remarkables ski field stats: Base Area Elevation: 1586m. Highest Lifted Point: 1943m. Vertical Rise: 357m.

When did Remarkables Open 2021?

Jun 23 2021
Opening and Closing Dates RemarkablesClosed

Season Opening Closing
21/22 Jun 23 2021 Oct 17 2021
20/21 Jul 04 2020 Oct 11 2020
19/20 Jun 08 2019 Oct 13 2019
18/19 Jun 09 2018 Oct 14 2018

When can you ski in Queenstown?

The Queenstown ski season runs from mid June to mid October, snow can fall as early as April and as late as November!

Can I Go backcountry at the Remarkables ski area?

The Remarkables ski area is packed full of adventure and features to explore. However, if you’re looking to go back country, then you’ve come to the right place too. We like to play it safe here, so please see our Touring and Backcountry information before heading off-piste.

Why shop at the Remarkables?

Our retail shop at The Remarkables stocks the latest in ski gear to ensure you can ski or ride in comfort and style. We also sell medical supplies, sweets and chocolates and accept MyPass money. Worried about your gear on mountain? At The Remarkables, we offer secure day storage with automated pay lockers.

What is the weather like at the Remarkables?

The weather can and does change often in the mountains. Our temperature at the Remarkables will always be as much as 10 degrees colder than in Queenstown. Please maintain 2-way access at all times. Covid contact tracing is in place at various locations on site, please record your visit as you pass scan codes heading up the hill.

When are the Remarkables open for 2020?

For 2020 The Remarkables will now be open Thursday – Sunday starting 3 September, then open daily through the school holidays until 11 October. Coronet Peak will be open daily until 27th September.