Best Third Party App and Game Stores Free for Android

Best Third Party App and Game Stores Free for Android

How about we face certainties. We as a whole Live under the umbrella, the warm umbrella of the Play Store. There’s a valid justification for that. It has the most applications, seriously great security (relatively), it comes pre-installed on most Android smartphones, and it typically functions admirably.

The vast majority realize that there are different alternatives out there, yet there isn’t a huge amount of data about other application stores. This is something we can help with. Below we host the best third party application stores list. You can follow these websites to install them on your Android smartphones and tablet. We are not mindful if something turns out badly while using one of these.

Application Stores causes you to find all the significant source for Android applications. Just as a portion of the obscure ones. But instead than simply enabling you to download applications from those stores, it necessitates that you install each store’s application, so it winds up being simply a list of app stores with helpful links. In any case, for the application users, it’s a convenient tool, one that can enable you to find a huge number of the best applications that are not accessible on Google Play.


The FreeStore Android app store is probably your most logical option for the APK files. It has lots of applications and games, including practically the majority of the prominent ones. Developers like to incline toward this store more than most others and it comes with the best Android applications which are not available on google play store. Basically, every Android phone not in China or from Amazon utilizes this.

The security is a choice and it coordinates legitimately with Google Play Services. That gives applications some extra usefulness that they might not have with certain contenders. Obviously, you’re likely here to find options in contrast to the Play Store, yet we should not think little of its worth. It’s a consummately decent application store.


  • Get free Android applications and games
  • Almost thousands of apps and games are available
  • All the games and apps are third-party
  • 100% working apps and games
  • Provide the best services for users
  • Have a user-friendly and responsive design
  • Every app is free of cost
  • Mod version is also available
  • FreeStore APK is very responsive file which will be installed on all Android Os

APK Mirror

APKMirror isn’t in fact an application store, yet rather an application vault. You can discover a wide range of stuff here, including some beta applications not accessible in the Play Store. But, you can, in any case, get updates from the Play Store if a more up to date form turns out. So it’s a magnificent auxiliary wellspring of applications and a few games. This certainly is definitely not a full store understanding and we extremely possibly prescribe it. If you need to have a go at something explicitly or locate a more seasoned APK of a current application.

So you can move back to a past form because of bugs or inclinations. The site is free, the majority of the APKs are free, and better than average security also. We’re extending the significance of an application store by a ton to incorporate APKMirror, yet it’s amazing at what it does. There is no application for this, you need to use the site to download APKs.


GetJar has in excess of 30 million users and incorporates a proposal service, like that of 1Mobile. It professes to have 3 million downloads multi-day, with 70,000 applications in its application store. It urges developers to utilize a freemium model, showing promotions and using in-application money as opposed to charging for the app. They additionally offer the biggest virtual cash on Google Play. GetJar Gold, which is accessible to in excess of 100 million users.


There are different app stores on which you can easily download the Android application. With each store having its advantages and disadvantages. Although neither of these can supplant the Google Play, they can unquestionably drive more downloads and open your applications to progressively potential user. Furthermore, since you can list your applications for free in these stores. It doesn’t damage a few of time to research these options.