Can I get the Cyclops eye back?

Can I get the Cyclops eye back?

You can return to the starting game location and you will still be able to find a goat with the Eye of Cyclops. Use your bow and kill more goats. One goat should drop Obsidian Eye Fragment and Obsidian Eye. You will get an achievement.

What level should you be to fight Medusa?

level 46

Who is the hardest boss in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey?

Medusa boss

What level should I be to fight the Cyclops?

Oh no, no, no: the real Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Cyclops appears much later on and provides quite the challenge to defeat. You’ll have to be level 35 or higher to even start, and the quest, which is located on Kythera, doesn’t even mention the beast initially making it tricky to find.

Can you throw spears in AC Valhalla?

While it does rely on the weapons of fallen enemies, the damage that a thrown spear or axe does is huge. You can use this skill to take care of weaker enemies in the blink of an eye, or to heavily damage foes who have a lot of health.

How do you kill Cyclops Arges?

Simple tips on how to defeat Arges – the Bright One

  1. Stay on the move.
  2. Aim for the Cyclops’ eye/head.
  3. Hit Arges in the eye with an arrow when he rushes towards you.
  4. Beware of your surroundings.
  5. Hunter builds are useful, but any build will work in experienced hands.
  6. Arges is a one-time kill boss.
  7. Keep your distance.

How do you kill Brontes?

The obvious thing to know about the Cyclops is that you can beat it by regular shots to the eye. Not the head, but the eye specifically, as a hit there will interrupt whatever it’s doing and cause it to briefly drop to one knee in pain, giving you the opportunity to hit hard with melee attacks or more arrows.

How do you kill Steropes?

When Steropes starts stomping the water, move away and shoot him with your bow until the channeled attack ends. When Steropes places his right hand in front of his eyes, he is about to rush towards you. You can dodge to the side, which will allow you to do some nice damage from his back.