Can I use the FFA emblem?

Can I use the FFA emblem?

As a trademark owner, National FFA Organization is obligated to protect against unauthorized or potentially confusing uses of its trademarks and therefore carefully manages their commercial use. No one can use the FFA marks for a commercial purpose without the express written permission of National FFA Organization.

What font does the FFA logo use?

There will be times when you want to use only the letters FFA rather than the intricate emblem. The preferred typeface (font) is Arial or Times New Roman.

Is the FFA logo copyrighted?

The National FFA Organization owns the rights to several trademarks and carefully manages their commercial use. National FFA is obligated to protect against unauthorized or potentially confusing uses. The FFA Name and Marks include, but are not limited to: FFA Emblem (US Trademark Reg.

What are the 6 FFA symbols?

Terms in this set (7)

  • The Cross Section of the Ear of Corn. This symbol provides the foundation of the emblem, just as corn had historically served as the foundation crop of American Agriculture.
  • The Eagle.
  • The Raising Sun.
  • The Plow.
  • The Owl.
  • The Words ‘Agriculture Education” and “FFA”
  • The FFA Motto.

How many symbols are in the FFA emblem?

five symbols
The National FFA Emblem consists of five symbols, along with the words “Agriculture Education” and “FFA,” to tell the organization’s history, goals, and vision. Cross-section ear of corn: A symbol of unity, “corn can be found” in every state across America.

What does the FFA symbol represent?

The eagle is a national symbol which serves as a reminder of our freedom and ability to explore new horizons for the future of agriculture. The owl, long recognized for its wisdom, symbolizes the knowledge required to be successful in the industry of agriculture.

What is the 5 symbols of FFA?

26) as “The national FFA emblem, consisting of five symbols, is representative of the history, goals and future of the organization.” The five symbols are identified as the cross-section of the ear of corn, the rising sun, the plow, the eagle, and the owl.

What does the FFA logo mean?

The FFA Emblem The rising sun signifies progress and holds a promise that tomorrow will bring a new day glowing with opportunity. The plow signifies labor and tillage of the soil, the backbone of agriculture and the historic foundation of our country’s strength.

What are the 5 symbols located in the FFA emblem?