Can you cruise Croatia?

Can you cruise Croatia?

Croatia Cruise Ports The most popular cruise ports you’ll visit in Croatia are Dubrovnik and Split. These large coastal cities are loved by visitors due to their historic Old Town areas. In addition, your cruise may stop in Croatia at Zadar or Rijeka.

What river cruise goes to Croatia?

You will travel along the Danube River and visit the Balkan countries of Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria, and Romania. The Danube River, which runs 1,771 miles through Europe, and is the second-longest stream next to the Volga River, which flows through Russia to the Caspian Sea.

Can cruise ships dock in Croatia?

Split is an Adriatic Sea (Dalmatian Coast) cruise port and city in Croatia, which by population (around 180,000, metro over 345,000) is ranked the country’s second-largest – following the capital Zagreb. Other large passenger (cruise and ferry) ports in Croatia include Dubrovnik, Zadar, Rijeka, Sibenik.

What is the best way to see Croatia?

The best way to travel around Croatia is by car. Croatia is a small country with great roads and lots of nice little villages totally worth a detour. The only way to really discover the country is to travel by car. We’ve written a full post about driving in Croatia as well as about car rental in Croatia.

Is Croatia on the Black Sea?

62% of Croatia’s territory is encompassed by the Black Sea drainage basin. The area includes the largest rivers flowing in the country: the Danube, Sava, Drava, Mur and Kupa. The remainder belongs to the Adriatic Sea drainage basin, where the largest river by far is the Neretva.

Does Viking go to Croatia?

Today, Viking River Cruises’ Viking Embla arrived in Vukovar, Croatia. At Danube Kilometre Marker 1333, it is less than 200 kilometres further upstream than yesterday’s port of call of Belgrade, Serbia.

Is Dubrovnik a tender port?

Cruise ships Anchored in the Old Town bay use tender boats to transfer passengers on shore. Tender boat disembarkation point is marked in the port map and is located in the old town harbor.

What are Croatia cruise-tours?

Our Croatia Cruise-Tours are cruise and land packages that combine a luxury small ship cruise with a tailor-made private land itinerary. These are designed to give you the opportunity to see other nearby destinations including Slovenia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Greece, or more of Croatia.

Where should I sail with Croatia and Greece?

Explore Croatian ports like Dubrovnik and Split, then head to Italy and see the Colosseum in Rome and the Duomo in Florence. Or pair Croatia with Greece: Hike to the Acropolis in Athens or the volcano and hot springs in Santorini. We’ve circled the globe and couldn’t find any sailings that match your search. View All Cruises

Why choose split to Dubrovnik cruise?

Discover the beautiful Dalmatian coast aboard a brand new luxury Split to Dubrovnik cruise featuring spacious cabins with private balconies. Visit the best Croatia has to offer including the UNESCO listed Old Towns of Split, Korcula, Sibenik and Dubrovnik. Witness breathtaking nature at the Krka National Park and Mljet National Parks.

What is Croatia famous for?

Croatia is known for its beaches and seaside resorts. One of its most beautiful areas of coastline is nicknamed the Dubrovnik Riviera, and refers to the area stretching from Dubrovnik south 12 miles to Cavtat. You’ll find smooth pebbled beaches and sparkling teal water against the backdrop of lush green hills.