Can you drive to Ngong Ping?

Can you drive to Ngong Ping?

Under the “Driving on Lantau Island” Scheme, you may apply to drive a private car on the closed roads on Lantau Island to visit places like Ngong Ping, Tai O, Cheung Sha and Mui Wo from Monday to Friday (except public holidays) from 8 am to 7 pm for leisure and recreational purposes.

How high is the cable car in Hong Kong?

751 metres
THINGS TO SEE ON CABLE CAR At 751 metres above sea level, you can see the full view of the South China Sea and the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau bridge in the distance.

Do you need a permit to drive on Lantau?

Eligibility of vehicles The private car must be issued with a valid vehicle licence on the day of entering South Lantau. Each private car can only be used for the “Driving on Lantau Island” scheme once each month.

Can I drive to Tung Chung?

In fact, the airport side of Lantau, including Tung Chung, are fine for cars. The other side, including DBay, Mui Wo and Cheung Sha are all very strictly admitted by permit only.

What time does Ngong Ping open?

10am to 6pm
Ngong Ping Cable Car and Ngong Ping Village open from 10am to 6pm. The opening hours may vary during festive seasons.

How long is the Ngong Ping 360 cable car ride?

Ngong Ping 360 cable car tickets are available in two variant options: for Hong Kong residents, and non-Hong Kong residents. You can book your tickets accordingly. The Ngong Ping 360 standard cabin ride is a 25-minute journey that begins from Tung Chung or Ngong Ping terminal.

How long is the cable car from Tung Chung to Ngong Ping?

Ngong Ping Cable Car/ Stations. Ngong Ping Cable Car is a 5.7-kilometre (3.5 mi) long bi-cable gondola lift system (referred to by its operators as a “cable car”) linking between Tung Chung (where it connects the MTR Tung Chung station) and Ngong Ping (where the Po Lin Monastery and Tian Tan Buddha are located).

What is the history of the Ngong Ping 360?

The Ngong Ping 360 is a gondola lift on Lantau Island in Hong Kong. Intended to improve tourism to the area, the aerial lift was previously known as Tung Chung Cable Car Project before acquiring the Ngong Ping 360 brand in April 2005.

How much does it cost to go to Ngong Ping?

Ngong Ping Cost. A round trip on the cable car costs HK$235 and HK$110 for children up to 11. A package deal, the “360 Fun Pass,” which includes entrance to the attractions at the Ngong Ping Village costs HK$290 and HK$180 respectively. Entrance to the Tian Tan Buddha is free.